ReactPy is a library for building user interfaces in Python without Javascript. ReactPy interfaces are made from components that look and behave similar to those found in ReactJS. Designed with simplicity in mind, ReactPy can be used by those without web development experience while also being powerful enough to grow with your ambitions.

Programming language: Python
License: MIT License

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IDOM · Tests PyPI Version License

IDOM connects your Python web framework of choice to a ReactJS frontend, allowing you to create interactive websites without needing JavaScript!

Following ReactJS styling, web elements are combined into reusable "components". These components can utilize hooks and events to create infinitely complex web pages.

When needed, IDOM can use components directly from NPM. For additional flexibility, components can also be fully developed in JavaScript.

Any Python web framework with Websockets can support IDOM. See below for what frameworks are supported out of the box.

Supported Frameworks Supported Frameworks (External)
Flask, FastAPI, Sanic, Tornado Django, Plotly-Dash, Jupyter

At a Glance

To get a rough idea of how to write apps in IDOM, take a look at this tiny Hello World application.

from idom import component, html, run

def HelloWorld():
    return html.h1("Hello, World!")



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