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The many uses of _ in python...

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higher-level NLP built on Spacy
Added by ruiEnca into category Natural Language Processing


Open-source Unified Application Router (Websocket & WAMP for Python on Autobahn).
Featured package // Category WebSocket

openpyxl vs xlwings

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  • openpyxl - A library for reading and writing Excel 2010 xlsx/xlsm/xltx/xltm files.
  • xlwings - A BSD-licensed library that makes it easy to call Python from Excel and vice versa.



Flexx is a pure Python toolkit for creating GUI's, that uses web technology for its rendering.
Featured package // Category GUI

seaborn vs ggplot

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  • seaborn - Statistical data visualization using matplotlib.
  • ggplot - Same API as ggplot2 for R.

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99 Bottles of Beer One Liner with f-strings.

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  • The only problem with Python 3’s str is that you don’t grok it
  • Scikit-Learn Cheat Sheet: Python Machine Learning
  • Dismissing Python Garbage Collection at Instagram
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A full stack Python application framework for building consumer and business web services.
Featured package // Category Web Frameworks

Cubes vs Pandas

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  • Cubes - Light-weight Python OLAP framework for multi-dimensional data analysis
  • Pandas - A library providing high-performance, easy-to-use data structures and data analysis tools.

Facebook open sources PyTorch

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Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit
Added by wrichert into category Deep Learning


A console tool to build code with different development platforms.
Featured package // Category Build Tools

NLTK vs spaCy

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  • NLTK - A leading platform for building Python programs to work with human language data.
  • spaCy - A library for industrial-strength natural language processing in Python and Cython.

Dismissing Python Garbage Collection at Instagram

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A tool for deploying WSGI applications on AWS Lambda and API Gateway.
Featured package // Category Serverless Frameworks

py2exe vs PyInstaller

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  • py2exe - Freezes Python scripts (Windows).
  • PyInstaller - Converts Python programs into stand-alone executables (cross-platform).

Google Tensorflow chooses Keras

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A static website and blog generator.
Featured package // Category Static Site Generator

kivy vs PyQt

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  • kivy - A library for creating NUI applications, running on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android and iOS.
  • PyQt - Python bindings for the Qt cross-platform application and UI framework, with support for both Qt v4 and Qt v5 frameworks.

Tiny minecraft clone in Python

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Python underscore

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Python Documentation generator.
Featured package // Category Documentation

Jedi-vim vs YouCompleteMe

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  • Jedi-vim - Vim bindings for the Jedi auto-completion library for Python.
  • YouCompleteMe - Includes Jedi-based completion engine for Python.

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A fully asynchronous web framework for Python3.5+
Featured package // Category Web Frameworks