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Scout APM uses tracing logic that ties bottlenecks to source code so you know the exact line of code causing performance issues and can get back to building a great product faster.

Previous Serverless Version 0.5.x v2.37.1

A new version of Previous Serverless Version 0.5.x has been released
New Version


A tool that generates test cases for your Open API / Swagger schemas
Featured Package // Category Testing

Log Django exceptions to Slack

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PDM v1.5.0

A new version of PDM has been released
New Version

Data Flow Facilitator for Machine Learning (dffml)

The easiest way to use Machine Learning
Featured Package // Category Machine Learning

Python Web Scraping Libraries and Framework

As a python developer, there are many web scraping tools available to you which you can use. Come in now to discover these tools and learn how to put them into use.
Article Added by: MarianhBurnsk //

Continuous Integration for Monorepos

Monorepos bring unique opportunities for collaboration, as long as you can overcome some technical challenges. Learn how to use the only CI/CD platform that comes with native out-of-the-box support for your monorepo.
Tutorial Added by: TomFern //

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FastAPI and Web Scraping Mini Series Part 1

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An easy to use static CMS and blog engine.
Featured Package // Category Static Site Generator

Extending and Embedding Python with C/C++

Python is very communicative. On the one hand, it is very easy to call C/C++ functionality from Python (extend), and on the other hand, Python can be used directly from a C/C++ runtime (embed). Extend allows you to offload performance-critical parts of your program to C/C++. Thanks to embedding a Python interpreter in your C/C++ application, the C/C++ application has a scripting interface.
Article Added by: gansm //

Basic Music Theory in ~200 Lines of Python

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Google Search Results in Python

Google Search Results via SerpApi
Package Added by ZilvinasKucinskas into category Web Crawling

Scraping a dynamic website with Python - 4 ways

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Simple API Documentation for Python Projects
Featured Package // Category Documentation

Scrapy Proxy 101: How to Set Up Proxies for Scrapy

While Scrapymakes it easy for you to develop scalable web scrapers and crawlers, without proxies, they are useless in many situations. Let me show you how to setup proxies for Scrapy and the best proxies to use.
Article Added by: MarianhBurnsk //


A full-screen, console-based Python debugger.
Featured Package // Category Debugger

django-maintenance-mode v0.16.0

A new version of django-maintenance-mode has been released
New Version


A mature full-featured Python testing tool.
Featured Package // Category Testing Frameworks

Detecting the sentiment on Elon Musk's tweets with Python

Learn how to do sentiment analysis by going over Elon’s tweets.
Article Added by: livecodestream //

Conversational AI w/ Jarvis - with python. Source:-Sentdex

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shoop v2.6.2

A new version of shoop has been released
New Version


Minimal, super readable string pattern matching for python.
Package Added by tfeldmann into category Parser


higher-level NLP built on Spacy
Featured Package // Category Natural Language Processing

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A quick guide on Controlling your Android Device with Python!

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Shuup v2.6.2

A new version of Shuup has been released
New Version


Sentry SDK for Python.
Featured Package // Category Logging

Scikit-Learn, meet Production

On the benefits of training the simplest model conceivable and deploying it to production, as soon as you can. We show how to make this Agile approach to developing machine learning systems a reality, by demonstrating that it takes under 15 minutes to deploy a Scikit-Learn model, using FastAPI with Bodywork.
Tutorial Added by: AlexIoannides //

Things I Wish They Told Me About Multiprocessing in Python

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