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The official low-level Python client for Elasticsearch.
Featured Package // Category Search

Python Fire vs click

Popular comparison
  • Python Fire - A library for creating command line interfaces (CLIs) from absolutely any Python object.
  • click - A package for creating beautiful command line interfaces in a composable way.

pyOpenSSL -- A Python wrapper around the OpenSSL library v19.1.0

A new version of pyOpenSSL -- A Python wrapper around the OpenSSL library has been released
New Version



An open-source e-commerce framework for Django.
Featured Package // Category E-commerce

Bearer Python

Bearer API client for Python
Package Added by Frenchcooc into category HTTP

pylama vs Flake8

Popular comparison
  • pylama - Code audit tool for Python and JavaScript.
  • Flake8 - The modular source code checker: pep8, pyflakes and co.

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higher-level NLP built on Spacy
Featured Package // Category Natural Language Processing


is a Python library that help you generate fake data.
Featured Package // Category Fake Data

PonyORM vs SQLAlchemy

Popular comparison
  • PonyORM - ORM that provides a generator-oriented interface to SQL.
  • SQLAlchemy - The Python SQL Toolkit and Object Relational Mapper.


python3.5+ hubspot client
Featured Package // Category Third-party APIs

pyexcel vs openpyxl

Popular comparison
  • pyexcel - Providing one API for reading, manipulating and writing csv, ods, xls, xlsx and xlsm files.
  • openpyxl - A library for reading and writing Excel 2010 xlsx/xlsm/xltx/xltm files.

Python Read, Write, Parse JSON (with examples)

Article Added by: callicoder //

Online JSON Formatter and Beautifier

Tool Added by: callicoder //

matplotlib vs plotly

Popular comparison
  • matplotlib - A Python 2D plotting library.
  • plotly - Collaborative web plotting for Python and matplotlib.

How to encode categorical features with scikit-learn (video)

Learn how to correctly encode categorical features using one-hot encoding so that you can include them in your Machine Learning model!
Tutorial Added by: dataschool //


A WSGI utility library for Python that powers Flask and can easily be embedded into your own projects.
Featured Package // Category WSGI Servers


Easy to use Google PubSub
Package Added by andrewgy8 into category Queue

plotly vs bokeh

Popular comparison
  • plotly - Collaborative web plotting for Python and matplotlib.
  • bokeh - Interactive Web Plotting for Python.

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Using the Twitter API to make your commute easier

Article Popular Story //

cornice v3.6.1

A new version of cornice has been released
New Version

My first Python project!

Article Popular Story //


A Python module for machine learning built on top of SciPy.
Featured Package // Category Machine Learning

How to write cleaner functions.

Article Popular Story //