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Python F-Strings Number Formatting Cheat Sheet

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A static type analyzer for Python code
Featured Package // Category Static Type Annotations Generators

The Magic of Matplotlib Stylesheets

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Awesome Python Weekly » 324

Top Stories
  • How I added C-style for-loops to Python
  • Python in Visual Studio Code – August 2022 Release
  • Uncommon Uses of Python in Commonly Used Libraries
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Project template for modern Python packages

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The core of the Plone content management system
Featured Package // Category CMS

Last 7 Days

Slack Consolidate: a slackbot built with Python and Supabase

Learn how to use Python and Supabase to build a #SlackBot that consolidates messages from several channels.
Tutorial Added by: RamiroND //

Uncommon Uses of Python in Commonly Used Libraries

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The official FlexGet repository
Featured Package // Category Downloader


Write Postgres triggers for your Django models
Package Added by wesleykendall into category PostgreSQL


Probabilistic Programming in Python: Bayesian Modeling and Probabilistic Machine Learning with Aesara
Featured Package // Category Science and Data Analysis

How I added C-style for-loops to Python

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Django i18n: Agile Localization for Developers

In this article, we’ll cover the localization peculiarities of Django-based apps and how to localize your web app efficiently, considering not only the app features you have now, but the future updates too.
Article Added by: AndriiMosk //


A professional collaborative platform for embedded development :alien:
Featured Package // Category Build Tools

SciPy 2022 conference recordings are now available

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The most widely used Python to C compiler
Featured Package // Category High Performance


Make your functions return something meaningful, typed, and safe!
Featured Package // Category Functional Programming

Pip Install Malware?!⚠️

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Last 30 Days

Python in Visual Studio Code – August 2022 Release

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QuTiP: Quantum Toolbox in Python
Featured Package // Category Science

Analyze Your Amazon Data with Python

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Awesome Python Weekly » 323

Top Stories
  • A free 'learning map' I found to learn Python.
  • How to Choose the Right Python Concurrency API
  • Data Visualization in Python — how to create awesome data visualizations using the most popular Python libraries, such as matplotlib, seaborn and plotly.
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ObsPy: A Python Toolbox for seismology/seismological observatories.
Featured Package // Category Science

Deploy Azure Static Web Apps using Python

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A free 'learning map' I found to learn Python.

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A pure-python PDF library capable of splitting, merging, cropping, and transforming the pages of PDF files
Featured Package // Category PDF