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Official upstream for the cloud-init: cloud instance initialization
Featured Package // Category DevOps Tools


Statistics for Data Science ( Python )

Some Courses and Specializations are offered in Python.

This Stacked highlights classes from notable universities to learn Computational Statistics for Data Science.
Article Added by: kanger //

Tips for saving memory when using pandas

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Lark is a parsing toolkit for Python, built with a focus on ergonomics, performance and modularity.
Featured Package // Category Parser

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Getting Started with Flask and Docker 🐳🚀

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Machine Learning Raspberry Pi (Includes Python Libraries)

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Awesome Python Weekly » 277

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  • Getting Started with Docker & Fast API 🚀🚀
  • The new (beta) Anvil editor has been released
  • Ultimate Python Cheat Sheet
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The new (beta) Anvil editor has been released

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Dynamic Programming With Top 10 Python Problems

Learn what is dynamic programming and how to solve dynamic programming problems. Also, check out the top DP problems with python solutions.
Article Added by: codypeltz41 //


Easy to use Python library for creating 2D arcade games.
Featured Package // Category Game Development


unofficial mirror of Ubuntu's cloud-init
Featured Package // Category DevOps Tools

Python News: What's New From August 2021? – Real Python

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Ultimate Python Cheat Sheet

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Datasette Desktop 0.2.0: The annotated release notes

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Understand Django: User File Use

Maybe your Django app needs to handle files from users like profile pictures. Accepting files from others is tricky to do safely. In this Understand Django article, we'll see the tools that the framework provides to manage files safely.
Article Added by: mblayman //

Getting Started with Docker & Fast API 🚀🚀

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:shell: Python-powered, cross-platform, Unix-gazing shell
Featured Package // Category Shell

All The Ways to Compress and Archive Files in Python

Compress, decompress and manage archives and files with Python in all the formats you might ever need
Article Added by: MartinHeinz //


Official git repository for Biopython (originally converted from CVS)
Featured Package // Category Science and Data Analysis

Python 3.9 Features for Noobs

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Repository for the Astropy core package
Featured Package // Category Science and Data Analysis

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Generating images with Deep Learning

Learn how to use AI to generate new images such as faces or art
Article Added by: livecodestream //


Open Source Differentiable Computer Vision Library
Featured Package // Category Computer Vision

Various Ways to Parallelize Python Code

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Oso is a batteries-included library for building authorization in your application.
Featured Package // Category Permissions

Awesome Python Weekly » 276

Top Stories
  • Logging in Python like a PRO 🐍🌴
  • Introducing Pedalboard: Spotify’s Audio Effects Library for Python : Spotify Engineering
  • JetBrains releases DataSpell for public EAP
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This extension is now maintained in the Microsoft fork.
Featured Package // Category Visual Studio Code