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The APIs are flexible and easy-to-use, supporting authentication, user identity, and complex enterprise features like SSO and SCIM provisioning.


music library manager and MusicBrainz tagger
Featured Package // Category Audio



LaTeX CV generator from a YAML/JSON input file.
Featured Package // Category Text Processing

Ruby vs. Python comes down to the for loop (2021)

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AWS SDK for Python
Featured Package // Category Third-party APIs

The Design of Everyday APIs

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How my open source tool got 100 stars in 4 days!

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A tool used to obfuscate python scripts, bind obfuscated scripts to fixed machine or expire obfuscated scripts.
Featured Package // Category Distribution


H2O is an Open Source, Distributed, Fast & Scalable Machine Learning Platform: Deep Learning, Gradient Boosting (GBM) & XGBoost, Random Forest, Generalized Linear Modeling (GLM with Elastic Net), K-Means, PCA, Generalized Additive Models (GAM), RuleFit, Support Vector Machine (SVM), Stacked Ensembles, Automatic Machine Learning (AutoML), etc.
Featured Package // Category Machine Learning

Introducing EmbedAnything

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Add Stripe subscriptions to Django in 7 minutes 💵

We'll add Stripe subscriptions to Django extremely quickly (in 7 mins), using minimal code. We'll also add local webhook testing simply, and use Stripe's nice inbuilt checkout page in our app.
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The Sphinx documentation generator
Featured Package // Category Documentation


Nuitka is a Python compiler written in Python. It's fully compatible with Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6, 3.7, 3.8, 3.9, 3.10, and 3.11. You feed it your Python app, it does a lot of clever things, and spits out an executable or extension module.
Featured Package // Category Distribution

LLM Security: Bypassing LLM Safeguards

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Python Chart Examples

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Geometric Computer Vision Library for Spatial AI
Featured Package // Category Computer Vision

Getting Started with Gemma Models

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Mirror of tryton
Featured Package // Category Miscellaneous

Cooking concurrently with Python

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Library and command-line utility for rendering projects templates.
Featured Package // Category Productivity Tools

Fedora 41 Looks to "-O3" Optimizations for Its Python Build

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Official git repository for Biopython (originally converted from CVS)
Featured Package // Category Science and Data Analysis

Shape typing in Python

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