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Library and command-line utility for rendering projects templates.
Featured Package // Category Productivity Tools

How to build a Perplexity-like Chatbot in Slack?

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The Python package installer
Featured Package // Category Package Management

Last 7 Days


Mirror of tryton
Featured Package // Category Miscellaneous


Official git repository for Biopython (originally converted from CVS)
Featured Package // Category Science and Data Analysis

How to 10x downsize fonts

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An intuitive approach to building with LLMs
Featured Package // Category Text Processing

Finding Simple Rewrite Rules for the PyPy JIT with Z3

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Instrumenting Python GIL with eBPF

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Free-threaded CPython is ready to experiment with

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Bayesian Modeling and Probabilistic Programming in Python
Featured Package // Category Science and Data Analysis

Embedded Python: MicroPython Is Amazing

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Jurigged: Hot Reloading for Python

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Ultra simplified "MNIST" in 60 lines of Python with NumPy

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SWIG is a software development tool that connects programs written in C and C++ with a variety of high-level programming languages.
Featured Package // Category Foreign Function Interface

Last 30 Days


Freeze (package) Python programs into stand-alone executables
Featured Package // Category Distribution

Monitor the Performance of your Python FastAPI App with AppSignal

Let's see how we can use AppSignal to monitor performance in a FastAPI application.
Article Added by: AnaMalinovic //


Event-driven networking engine written in Python.
Featured Package // Category Networking

Rye: A Hassle-Free Python Experience

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Making Python Less Random

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Python Has Too Many Package Managers

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Performant type-checking for python.
Featured Package // Category awesome-python-typing


Easy to use Python library for creating 2D arcade games.
Featured Package // Category Game Development

Summary of Major Changes Between Python Versions

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