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Datadog APM: Distributed tracing and real-time app performance metrics to drill down into any service, endpoint, or individual user.
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Watch Now - Scapy: Python for Hackers ft. Raspberry Pi

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The History of Python

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A Python3 framework for cleanly exposing APIs over HTTP and the Command Line with automatic documentation and validation.
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Amber Brown: Batteries Included, But They're Leaking

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Memory Management in Python – Real Python

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Code any API wrappers with ease and in pythonic way.
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New features planned for Python 4.0

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A Fully customizable source code analyzer.
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Cloud-Init vs Ansible

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  • Cloud-Init - A multi-distribution package that handles early initialization of a cloud instance.
  • Ansible - A radically simple IT automation platform.

10x Faster Parallel Python Without Python Multiprocessing

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  • Things you're probably not using in Python 3 — but should
  • PyCon US 2019 Videos are live at YouTube
  • If you like to travel, let Python help you scrape the best fares!
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is a Python library that help you generate fake data.
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Announcing the Wolfram Client Library for Python—Wolfram Blog

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I made a centipede robot and programmed it using python!

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PyQt vs kivy

Popular comparison
  • PyQt - Python bindings for the Qt cross-platform application and UI framework, with support for both Qt v4 and Qt v5 frameworks.
  • kivy - A library for creating NUI applications, running on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, Android and iOS.


higher-level NLP built on Spacy
Featured Package // Category Natural Language Processing

XlsxWriter vs openpyxl

Popular comparison
  • XlsxWriter - A Python module for creating Excel .xlsx files.
  • openpyxl - A library for reading and writing Excel 2010 xlsx/xlsm/xltx/xltm files.

Things you're probably not using in Python 3 — but should

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Manage large and heterogeneous data spaces on the file system.
Package Added by csadorf into category Science and Data Analysis


Implementation of the Python programming language written in C# targeting the .NET Framework and Mono.
Featured Package // Category Implementations


A python library for doing approximate and phonetic matching of strings
Package Added by mapto into category Text Processing

PyCon US 2019 Videos are live at YouTube

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A Declarative HTTP Client for Python
Featured Package // Category HTTP

pyexcel vs openpyxl

Popular comparison
  • pyexcel - Providing one API for reading, manipulating and writing csv, ods, xls, xlsx and xlsm files.
  • openpyxl - A library for reading and writing Excel 2010 xlsx/xlsm/xltx/xltm files.

PyPDF2 vs PDFMiner

Popular comparison
  • PyPDF2 - A library capable of splitting, merging and transforming PDF pages.
  • PDFMiner - A tool for extracting information from PDF documents.


Biopython is a set of freely available tools for biological computation.
Featured Package // Category Science and Data Analysis

openpyxl vs xlwings

Popular comparison
  • openpyxl - A library for reading and writing Excel 2010 xlsx/xlsm/xltx/xltm files.
  • xlwings - A BSD-licensed library that makes it easy to call Python from Excel and vice versa.