Super-simple GUI to grasp... Powerfully customizable.

Works with tkinter to produce a highly portable GUI capability Also works with Qt for a more modern look.

Looking to take your Python code from the world of command lines and into the convenience of a GUI? Have a Raspberry Pi with a touchscreen that's going to waste because you don't have the time to learn a GUI SDK? Struggling to work with OOP GUI Frameworks? Look no further, you've found your GUI package.


It's trivial for beginners to grasp and the end-result, on the screen, is identical to what pages of tkinter code would produce. A GUI SDK that embraces the Python language.

Over 200 pages of documentation and cookbook recipes to give you a jump start and enables you to get a GUI on the screen in 10 minutes.

Programming language: Python
License: LGPL
Tags: GUI     Qt     Tkinter     Beginner     Advanced     Wrapper     Gui Framework     PyQt5     PySide2     PySimpleGUI     PySimpleGUIQt    

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Lots of great documentation. Cookbook and over 100 sample programs to get you started. Can move back and forth between tkinter and Qt by only changing the import statement. Doesn't require using classes to write your code (unless you want to). Takes 1 line of code to define a widget and place into a window. Qt and Tkinter take 3 to 10 lines per widget.

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