Flet is a framework that enables you to easily build real-time web, mobile, and desktop apps in your favorite language and securely share them with your team. No frontend experience is required.

Programming language: Python
License: Apache License 2.0
Tags: Web Frameworks     GUI     Python    
Latest version: v0.1.0

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Flet is a framework that enables you to easily build realtime web, mobile and desktop apps in your favorite language and securely share them with your team. No frontend experience required.

⚡From idea to app in minutes

An internal tool or a dashboard for your team, weekend project, data entry form, kiosk app or high-fidelity prototype - Flet is an ideal framework to quickly hack a great-looking interactive apps to serve a group of users.

📐 Simple architecture

No more complex architecture with JavaScript frontend, REST API backend, database, cache, etc. With Flet you just write a monolith stateful app in Python only and get multi-user, realtime Single-Page Application (SPA).

🔋Batteries included

To start developing with Flet, you just need your favorite IDE or text editor. No SDKs, no thousands of dependencies, no complex tooling - Flet has built-in web server with assets hosting and desktop clients.

   Powered by Flutter

Flet UI is built with Flutter, so your app looks professional and could be delivered to any platform. Flet simplifies Flutter model by combining smaller "widgets" to ready-to-use "controls" with imperative programming model.

🌐 Speaks your language

Flet is language-agnostic, so anyone on your team could develop Flet apps in their favorite language. Python is already supported, Go, C# and others are coming next.

📱 Deliver to any device

Deploy Flet app as a web app and view it in a browser. Package it as a standalone desktop app for Windows, macOS and Linux. Install it on mobile as PWA or view via Flet app for iOS and Android.

Flet app example

At the moment you can write Flet apps in Python and other languages will be added soon.

Here is a sample "Counter" app:

```python title="counter.py" import flet from flet import IconButton, Page, Row, TextField, icons

def main(page: Page): page.title = "Flet counter example" page.vertical_alignment = "center"

txt_number = TextField(value="0", text_align="right", width=100)

def minus_click(e):
    txt_number.value = int(txt_number.value) - 1

def plus_click(e):
    txt_number.value = int(txt_number.value) + 1

            IconButton(icons.REMOVE, on_click=minus_click),
            IconButton(icons.ADD, on_click=plus_click),


To run the app install `flet` module:

pip install flet

and run the program:

python counter.py

The app will be started in a native OS window - what a nice alternative to Electron!

Now, if you want to run the app as a web app, just replace the last line with:

flet.app(target=main, view=flet.WEB_BROWSER)

run again and now you instantly get a web app:

Getting started

Sample apps in Python


Contribute to this wonderful project

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