Mezzanine v3.1.4 Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-05-05 // over 8 years ago
    • Remove previous cached build dir when creating wheel builds - Stephen McDonald
    • Explicitly close db connection in poll_twitter command - Stephen McDonald
    • Remove deprecated Debug Toolbar configuration. DEBUG_TOOLBAR_CONFIG.INTERCEPT_REDIRECTS has been deprecated. In fact, the Redirect panel is now disabled by default, so we don't need to define the setting any more. Deprecation notice: New default value: - Eduardo Rivas
    • Bypass streaming responses in cache middleware. Closes #1020 - Stephen McDonald
    • Django 1.7: avoid trying to load user model during startup for profile signals - Stephen McDonald
    • Support pre/post Django 1.7 CurrentSiteManager - Stephen McDonald
    • Change handling of multiple versions of password reset urlpattern format to work with Django 1.7 - Stephen McDonald
    • Django 1.7: fix exception handling when testing for slugs or app/model names in page processors - Stephen McDonald
    • Django 1.7: fix initial site creation, in 1.7 the default site already exists - Stephen McDonald
    • Django 1.7: fix admin formfields for generic relations, thanks to @loic84 - Stephen McDonald
    • added get_XXX_display() to MultiChoiceField - slav0nic
    • Only abort second phase cache render for non-200 http status when DEBUG is enabled - Stephen McDonald
    • Bump grappelli-safe version to 0.3.10 - Stephen McDonald