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  • v1.4.16 Changes

    September 30, 2013
    • Revert broken static proxy change - Stephen McDonald
    • Better fix for static proxy urls - Stephen McDonald
  • v1.4.15 Changes

    September 29, 2013
    • Blog: Generate RSS and Atom feeds through richtext_filters - Eduardo Rivas
    • Delete BS2 static resources. Add BS3 resources: css, js and fonts - Eduardo Rivas
    • Migrated base.html and all it's includes to BS3 - Eduardo Rivas
    • Strip STATIC_URL, leading / from proxied URLs. STATIC_URL often contains host or generic_host (esp. if STATIC_URL is a. path on the same domain), so it needs to be removed first to ensure it. is removed completely. Also removed leading '/' from URL, since it. appears staticfiles doesn't like absolute paths - Adam Brenecki
    • Added a function mezzanine.utils.urls.next_url which is used to retrieve redirect URLs from a request's next param, while verifying that the redirect URL is valid - Stephen McDonald
    • Fix min Dajngo version - Stephen McDonald
    • Use request.get_host rather than request.META['HTTP_HOST'] - Stephen McDonald
    • Fix Django version for travis - Stephen McDonald
  • v1.4.14 Changes

    September 14, 2013
    • Blog: Catch exception if a non-existent month is requested from the archives - Eduardo Rivas
  • v1.4.13 Changes

    September 10, 2013
    • Allow for there being no "errors" in the twitter api response. When a successful "user" query to the twitter api is completed the json that is returned is a list. In order to validate the response the code tests to see if it was a dictionary with an "error" key. However passing a string as a index to a list will raise a TypeError, which was not being caught by the "except" clause. I have added TypeError to the list of items being caught. There are of course other ways of verifying the response but I think just adding the TypeError is in keeping with what you have already done. For reference, here is what I was seeing: > python poll_twitter --traceback --force. Traceback (most recent call last): ,. File "/,/lib/python2.7/site-packages/mezzanine/twitter/", line 74, in run. raise TwitterQueryException(tweets["errors"][0]["message"]). TypeError: list indices must be integers, not str - David Higgins
    • Fix tag cloud factor in generic app - Stephen McDonald
  • v1.4.12 Changes

    August 27, 2013
    • Remove bad 1.6 handling - Stephen McDonald
    • Fix settings context processor for email template contexts when cache installed - Stephen McDonald
  • v1.4.11 Changes

    August 26, 2013
    • Added mezzatheme themes marketplace to features list - Stephen McDonald
    • Method to load all symbols of all files in a submodule - Thomas Rega
    • Use new decorator "richhtext_filters". The decorator "richtext_filter" is marked as deprecated - Thomas Rega
    • Move gallery related tests into the app directory. If the app is not installed, the tests are not executed - Thomas Rega
    • Move blog related tests into the app directory. If the app is not installed, the tests are not executed - Thomas Rega
    • Move page related tests into the app directory. If the app is not installed, the tests are not executed - Thomas Rega
    • Move account related tests into the app directory. If the app is not installed, the tests are not executed - Thomas Rega
    • Move form related tests into the app directory. If the app is not installed, the tests are not executed - Thomas Rega
    • Move core related tests into the app tests directory. These tests do not belong direct to an specific app, so they stay. in the core app directory for now - Thomas Rega
    • Simplify new test module structure - Stephen McDonald
    • Provide a common TestCase class for all app specific tests, for features such as admin user plus debug cursor for query tracking. Also consistent naming for tests - Stephen McDonald
    • Move tons of tests into their correct apps - Stephen McDonald
    • Patch jquery.overlay with jquery.browser support to work with new jQuery versions. Closes #701 - Stephen McDonald
    • Force tinyMCE save in dynamic_inline.js to avoid issues with richtext fields in dynamic inlines and ordering values not correctly handled. Closes #731 - Stephen McDonald
    • Update dev status classifier in - Stephen McDonald
    • Remove inclusion of mezzanine.accounts when testing - Zach Gohr
    • Inject all Mezzanine apps into the temp settings module when Mezzanine itself is being tested - Stephen McDonald
    • Use setuptools to test on travis - Stephen McDonald
    • Apply skipTests throughout different tests where apps are coupled - Stephen McDonald
    • specifies the test deps so we don't need to grab them for travis now - Stephen McDonald
    • Update send_mail_template to pass optional email headers to the EmailMultiAlternatives constructor. Rather than having the form page_processor send mail from user submitted email addresses (if present) have it specify the Reply-To header - Josh Cartmell
    • Get rid of FORMS_DISABLE_SEND_FROM_EMAIL_FIELD, always add the Reply-To header if there is an email_to - Josh Cartmell
    • Adding template accessible settings into context for rendering templates for emails - Danny Sag
    • Handling case when diff between min and max count is smaller than size. Weights were not calculated correctly when difference between max_count and min_count was smaller than settings.TAG_CLOUD_SIZES. Changed calculation of weights to use floating point arithmetic. The results of weight calculations using old and new code are shown below: - Ahmet Bakan
    • Adding .control-label to form_fields.html - Troy Harvey
    • Be a bit more explicit with request arg in settings context processor - Stephen McDonald
    • Added mezzanine-meze to third-party apps list - Stephen McDonald
    • Added support for Django 1.6. - The situations in which contribute_to_class is called have changed. - Fixed DeprecationWarning about simplejson. - Explicitly set the TEST_RUNNER to the pre 1.6 one. - Set default=False on BooleanField - Rocky Meza
    • Keep django version pinned - Stephen McDonald
    • Ensure correct arguments are used when returning a Page in place of a 404 from a non-page urlpattern - Ben Ledbury
    • Better error propagation when querying for tweets - Stephen McDonald
    • Added --force option to poll_twitter command which will query for tweets on all queries - Stephen McDonald
    • Catch and show twitter query errors in management command, and allow continuing - Stephen McDonald
    • Allow twitter queries to gracefully fail in templates - Stephen McDonald
    • Bump requeusts-oauthlib version. Closes #764 - Stephen McDonald
    • Exempt Link pages from 404 Page replacement - Ben Ledbury
    • Changed 'form' to 'editable_form' to fix naming conflict. Editable JS no longer being pulled in - Nicole Harris
    • Don't quote bullets,. The indentation causes the bullets to be treated as blockquotes - David Winterbottom
    • ,but do quote quotes :grinning: - David Winterbottom
    • Use correct comment field name in akismet API. Closes #768 - Stephen McDonald
    • Added TimeStamped model mixin to Displayable, for created/updated timestamps on all models. Closes #661 - Stephen McDonald
    • Allow account signups with profiles containing non-nullable fields. Closes #749 - Stephen McDonald
  • v1.4.10 Changes

    July 29, 2013
    • Added window.__language_code variable to admin and inline loader - Artem Gluvchynsky
    • Better error message for page models that get removed from INSTALLED_APPS. Closes #722 - Stephen McDonald
    • Allow initial user creation in syncdb when a profile model is managed by migrations and doesn't yet exist - Stephen McDonald
    • Looser AJAX response check for page reordering. Closes #727 - Stephen McDonald
    • Allow key settings to be defined in fab conf and injected into live local_settings module - Stephen McDonald
    • Added valid Polish messages for mezzanine/core. Closes #729 - Marek WywiaƂ
    • add a tox.ini config file - jferry
    • Use protocol-relative URL to avoid SSL warnings - Vinod Kurup
    • Make running fabfile outside project root optional, since it conflicts with importing the fabfile into other fabfiles - Stephen McDonald
    • Specify minimum version of pytz requirement - Vinod Kurup
    • Fixed view and JS to be compatible with jQuery 1.8 - Ethan Goldstine
    • Fix gravatar_url tag for non-ascii email addresses. Closses #721 - Stephen McDonald
  • v1.4.9 Changes

    July 10, 2013
    • Allow deployments to be run from project subdirectories - Stephen McDonald
    • Add support for settings.RICHTEXT_FILTERS. RICHTEXT_FILTERS is a list of items that are valid for the. RICHTEXT_FILTER setting. The plural version takes precedence if it is. available and non-empty. Each item in RICHTEXT_FILTERS is applied in. order. An alias for the richtext_filter template filter has been added to. match the plural nature of the new setting: richtext_filters simply. calls on richtext_filter for its output - Tim Valenta
    • Fixed blog post categories list in blog_post_list.html template - Artem Gluvchynsky
    • Removed redundant jQuery media from KeywordsWidget - Artem Gluvchynsky
    • Use urljoin in Page.get_absolute_url for link pages - Dheeraj Sayala
    • RTL: fix position of changelink icon in page tree after recent changes. Problem introduced in aec1a0462b60, which solves an issue due to long. page names - Ahmad Khayyat
    • Comma separate categories in blog post listing - Stephen McDonald
    • Update docs for new RICHTEXT_FILTERS setting - Stephen McDonald
    • Properly deprecate RICHTEXT_FILTER setting in favour of RICHTEXT_FILTERS (plural) setting - Stephen McDonald
    • Update templates to use new richtext_filters (plural) tag - Stephen McDonald
    • Allow a single BCC address in addition to list/tuple. BCC fails if the addr_bcc argument is a single address rather than a list/tuple. This commit wraps a single address in a list to fix this problem - Alex Hill
    • Make sure request._messages has been set before trying to access it. This is for cases where the MessageMiddleware hasn't had a chance to. run, e.g when a previous middleware returned an exception - Gu1
    • Use a separate key setting for nevercache tokens - Stephen McDonald
    • Add is_current_parent on pages filtering - Antoine Catton
    • Remove field related to Django built-in user model. South is expecting those fields to be in the database. So it is. selecting them, since some custom user models don't have them, this can. break this migration - Antoine Catton
  • v1.4.8 Changes

    June 27, 2013
    • Fix nginx config to work on more recent ubuntu versions. Not sure how backwards compatible this is. Please see: - David Novakovic
    • dynamically generate top margin of admin content area - Andromeda Yelton
    • contentMargin out of global namespace - Andromeda Yelton
    • Force csrf token generation on every request with cache middleware. Closes #676 - Stephen McDonald
    • Use a more explicit name in PageAdmin.get_content_models which won't collide with a commonly used field name such as name - Stephen McDonald
    • Don't use ugettext_lazy for form field labels since Django will double-escape them. Closes #682 - Stephen McDonald
    • Move case-insensitive keyword creation into KeywordManager, and allow for duplicate results. Closes #679 - Stephen McDonald
    • Fix ADD_PAGE_ORDER. Closes #681 - Stephen McDonald
    • Fix uses of next param for redirects where param exists but value is empty - Stephen McDonald
    • Revert fix to #594 #677 - causes issues with status messages - Stephen McDonald
    • TagCloser - don't close br and image tags - John Groszko
    • Test changes to TagCloser - John Groszko
    • Clean up some docstrings - Stephen McDonald
    • When using search against an abstract model (eg Displayable), filter the combined models searched against by the models represented in the SEARCH_MODEL_CHOICES setting. Closes #684 - Stephen McDonald
    • Add a note to search docs about SEARCH_MODEL_CHOICES affecting abstract search behaviour - Stephen McDonald
    • Added missing class to collapsible navbar that affected nested menus - Jason Wong
    • SS: Moved to the original - Sachin Shende
    • long title : break words on pages tree - jferry
    • SS: Changes done to Twitter app to upgrade to API 1.1. 1. Added requests==1.2.3 and requests-oauthlib==0.3.2 to the dependency list. 2. Added 4 new keys to the settings. 3. Changed models to use new authentication for Twitter API, changed urls and other changes to parse the response - Sachin Shende
    • use of staticfiles to get url to tinymce - Eduardo S. Klein
    • Just added my Website to the gallery ;) - Rafael Beckel
    • More consistent names and validation of new twitter settings - Stephen McDonald
    • Document new requirements for Twitter API - Stephen McDonald
    • Provide better default for FILE_UPLOAD_PERMISSIONS - Stephen McDonald
    • fixed little firefox bug - jferry
    • Improved ssl cipher settings in default nginx conf - Stephen McDonald
  • v1.4.7 Changes

    May 17, 2013
    • Added the ACCOUNTS_NO_USERNAME setting, which will hide the username field from signup/update forms, but still generate a unique username for use in profile view slugs - Stephen McDonald
    • Allow querystring vars to be excluded from pagination links - Stephen McDonald
    • Missing migration on site perms. Closes #655 - Stephen McDonald
    • Added support for test - Stephen McDonald
    • Pass in the user to page.get_ascendants in the page view. This will allow previewing of the unpublished children pages of. unpublished parent pages. fixes #653 - Rocky Meza
    • Lowered MAX_POSTS_PER_CALL to 20; Added support for question/answer posts - Jeff Fein-Worton
    • Use a context instance when rendering page menus, huge performance boost - Stephen McDonald
    • Fixed rss import errors - Andrey Zhukov
    • Fixed the igrations to be able to run with a custom user model. This uses a pattern copied from django-reversion: - Rocky Meza
    • Add addr_bcc arg to send_mail_template. This accommodates the new setting SHOP_ORDER_EMAIL_BCC in Cartridge - Alex Hill
    • Fix lookup for username generation when ACCOUNTS_NO_USERNAME is True, closes #664 - Stephen McDonald
    • Fixed 0005 migration wrt custom user models - Rocky Meza
    • Correctly validate float settings in mezzanine.conf - Stephen McDonald
    • Added some validation in the createdb command that fails if a Mezzanine table exists, to prevent people from running it and accidentally faking new migrations that need to be run - Stephen McDonald
    • mezzanine/accounts/templates/email/account_approved.html: removed the extra. "http://" - Alexandre Hajjar
    • Make fabfile work in Windows. Two small changes allow deployment via Fabric from Windows: * Use posixpath.join instead of os.path.join to construct all paths destined for the remote machine. * Check for "" as well as "fab" in sys.argv, to handle the way setuptools-generated command-line scripts work in Windows - Alex Hill
    • Fix urlpattern for archive year - Stephen McDonald
    • Hide printing STATIC_ROOT in deploys - Stephen McDonald
    • Added paragraph to mezzanine/docs/user-accounts.rst about ACCOUNTS_NO_USERNAME. setting - Alexandre Hajjar
    • Used username_label variable in the PasswordResetForm label. (accounts/ - Alexandre Hajjar
    • Pin html5lib, see - Stephen McDonald
    • Added an extra safeguard for type errors in editable settings - Stephen McDonald