django-crispy-forms v1.1.3 Release Notes

    • |crispy and |as_crispy_field filters were not rendering errors. Thanks to @ximi for reporting it and submitting a patch. See issue #GH-28.
    • Fixing a test that was breaking when language was not English. Thanks to @gaftech, see #GH-30.
    • Fixing radioselect.html and checkboxselectmultiple.html templates. Thanks to Christopher Petrilli for submitting a patch for radioselect. See issue #GH-35.
    • HTML attributes can now be set in BaseInput subclasses like Button by @jamesmfriedman. See #GH-32.
    • Fix for dynamic crispy-forms with Meta classes by Jeroen Vloothuis. See #GH-37.
    • Labels now use id_for_label instead of auto_id to avoid ids breaking on multiwidgets. by Daniel Izquierdo. See #GH-38.
    • Adding a flatatt custom function in for flatting extra HTML attributes.
    • HTML attributes can now be set in Div layout object.
    • Adding tests for new functionality and bugs.