django-crispy-forms v1.1.4 Release Notes

    • Multithread safety improvements for BasicNode.
    • Security fix: Thread safety fixes to CrispyFieldNode thanks to Paul Oswald. This avoids leaking information between requests in multithreaded WSGI servers.
    • Added css class control-label to AppendedText and PrependedText layout object's templates.
    • {% crispy field %} tag can now pass attrs to MultiWidget subclasses by Michal Kuffa. attrs are set for sub-widgets. Also attrs can now be an iterable for passing different attributes to different sub-widgets. For example,this way MultiWidget's widgets get css classes set correctly.
    • Turning underscores into hyphens for Field layout objects.
    • Fix for ChoiceFields using non-string choices with radio buttons thanks to Rudy Mutter. See #GH-46, #GH-43 and #GH-35.