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  • v1.3.1 Changes

    • Fix default value for form_show_labels in case FormHelper doesn't define it, see #199.
    • Added a backported version of override_settings for testing django 1.3.7 and adding it to Travis-ci matrix.
  • v1.3.0 Changes

    Special thanks in this release to Charlie Denton @meshy, for his amazing support in PRs #189 and #190, long due.

    • Deprecated Tab and TabHolder imports from module, they now live in module.
    • Removed Python 2.5 compatibility.
    • Added disable_csrf helper attribute, see docs.
    • Travis-ci support thanks to Charlie Denton, see #190.
    • Python 3 compatibility thanks to Charlie Denton, see #189 and #190.
    • Added a settings variable named CRISPY_ALLOWED_TEMPLATE_PACKS for adding easily support for new template packs, see #192.
    • Added {% crispy_addon %} tag, see #195.
    • Make CRISPY_TEMPLATE_PACK optional for tests
    • Make tests run the same exactly way with and test, see #183.
    • Bug fix for wrap_together when using it with partial slices.
    • Fixes for KeepContext context manager, see #180.
    • Added FormHelper.field_template attribute, for easily override field template for a specific form/formset, see docs.
    • Added a template for rendering formsets inline within tables named bootstrap/table_inline_formset.html, that can be easily used in conjunction with FormHelper.template.
    • Added FormHelper.template attribute, that easily allows to override form/formset general structure template, see docs.
    • Added form_show_labels helper attribute.
    • Redoing filters to use isinstance instead of hacky internal name checking, this way subclasses of standard fields will work out of the box with crispy-forms, see #176.
  • v1.2.8 Changes

    • Bug fix for KeepContext context manager, when crispy-forms used with Jingo/Jinja2 templates, see #179.
    • Some formset tests were breaking in some Django versions. Also added a make test for easily running project tests, see #178.
  • v1.2.7 Changes

    • Bug fix for model formsets and inline formsets, when being rendered with a FormHelper with a layout set, where some hidden formset management fields would be missing, breaking saving to database.
    • Added render_hidden_fields attribute to FormHelper, see docs.
    • Added render_hidden_fields attribute to FormHelper, see docs.
  • v1.2.6 Changes

    • Fixes to Container and TabHolder, affecting class variable helpers with layouts containing TabHolder or AccordionGroup objects, see #172.
    • Bug fix for KeepContext context manager, see #172.
  • v1.2.5 Changes

    • Avoid raising Exceptions in |as_crispy_field filter when not in DEBUG mode.
    • Popping css_id to avoid having a css-id attribute, see #167.
    • Fixed a bug in dynamic layout API, when wrapping layout objects that had arguments passed after fields. Moving LayoutSlice to layout_slice module.
    • Fixed test failing when tests runned from test.
    • Fixed testing name conflict, see #130.
  • v1.2.4 Changes

    • Added wrapper_class kwarg to Field layout object, see #163.
    • Added Accordion and AccordionGroup bootstrap layout objects, see #162.
    • Bug fix in render_crispy_form to avoid override existing context, see #153.
    • Use formset iterator instead of forms list attribute, see #152.
    • Don't display fieldset legend if empty, see #147 and #155.
    • Bug fix for pickling crispy forms by powderflask, see #107.
    • Switched from django.form.utils.flatatt to internal flatatt utils implementation, this allows adding data-attrs to FormActions and StrictButton.
    • render_field now uses a context manager to avoid side effects when layout objects update template context. This makes context mutability safe within layout objects.
    • Added greedy kwarg to filter dynamic API.
    • Fixing error logging on |as_crispy_field filter, see #135.
    • Implemented __delitem__, __len__ and __setitem__ in LayoutObject and DynamicLayoutHandler, this avoids pylint warnings, see #114.
    • Docs folder no longer included when installing crispy-forms, see #132.
    • Added wrap_once, update_attributes, map and pre_map to LayoutSlice.
  • v1.2.3 Changes

    • Fixed imports to be relative to package, avoiding namespace collisions.
    • Removed circular dependency between layout and bootstrap, see #129.
    • Bug fix, adapted use of inspect module in to avoid breaking Python 2.5 compatibility.
  • v1.2.2 Changes

    November 30, 2012
    • Bug fix, reduction of white space in crispy-forms output could mess within tags, see #127, reverting part of this reduction.
    • Renamed AppendedPrependedText to PrependedAppendedText.
    • Moved Tab and TabHolder to
  • v1.2.1 Changes

    November 28, 2012
    • Bug fix help_text_inline set to True, see #117.
    • New fix for the space between buttons problems, see #62.
    • Reduced importantly whitespace in html generated by crispy-forms, forms are now more compact.
    • Added support for specifying a template pack per form, see #66 and #109.
    • Removed clearfix class from bootstrap templates, not necessary anymore, see #105.
    • Space cleanup in bootstrap templates, thanks to Si Feng, see #122.
    • Fixed MultiField to work with form_show_errors helper attribute.
    • Fixed a bug in MultiField that set error class when there were form errors, no matter if the fields with errors were contained within, see #120.
    • FieldWithButtons now supports Field layout object as its first parameter, for setting input attributes.
    • Bug fixes for FieldWithButtons, field label, help_text or error messages were not being rendered, see #121.
    • Fixed a bug that was making crispy-forms render extra fields with ModelForms that didn't have Meta.fields defined, thanks to Jean-Baptiste Juin for reporting it.
    • Fixed a bug that was breaking Django 1.2 compatibility when copying context variables, thanks to Alex Yakovlev for submitting a patch, see #108.
    • Fixed a bug for AppendedText, PrependedText and AppendedPrependedText layout objects, thanks to Bojan Mihelac, see #104.
    • Fixed a bug in appended and prepended text layout objects for respecting hidden fields, thanks to Bojan Mihelac, see #103.
    • Added two new bootstrap layout objects: FieldWithButtons and StrictButton.
    • Added checks and better error messages for dynamic API.
    • Fixed get_layout_objects recursive call for Python2.5 compatibility, thanks to Can Başçıl for reporting it.