Programming language: Python
License: GNU General Public License v3.0 or later
Tags: Logging    
Latest version: v22.1.0

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structlog makes logging in Python faster, less painful, and more powerful by adding structure to your log entries. It has been successfully used in production at every scale since 2013, while embracing cutting-edge technologies like asyncio or type hints along the way, and influenced the design of structured logging packages in other ecosystems.

Thanks to its highly flexible design, it's up to you whether you want structlog to take care about the output of your log entries or whether you prefer to forward them to an existing logging system like the standard library's logging module.

structlog comes with support for JSON, logfmt, as well as pretty console output out-of-the-box:


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A short explanation on why structured logging is good for you, and why structlog is the right tool for the job can be found in the Why chapter of our documentation.

Once you feel inspired to try it out, check out our friendly Getting Started tutorial that also contains detailed installation instructions!

If you prefer videos over reading, check out Markus Holtermann's DjangoCon Europe 2019 talk: Logging Rethought 2: The Actions of Frank Taylor Jr.

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