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  • v1.17 Changes

    July 25, 2013
    • Removed one (from of the two Destination classes. Both classes had the same name, but were slightly different in content, causing some errors. (from Janne Vanhala)

    • Corrected and Expanded README file to demonstrate PdfFileMerger

    • Added filter for LZW encoded streams (from Michal Horejsek)

    • PyPDF2 issue tracker enabled on Github to allow community discussion and collaboration

  • v1.16 Changes

    June 30, 2013
    • Note: This ChangeLog has not been kept up-to-date for a while. Hopefully we can keep better track of it from now on. Some of the changes listed here come from previous versions 1.14 and 1.15; they were only vaguely defined. With the new file we should have more structured and better documented versioning from now on.

    • Defined PyPDF2.version

    • Fixed encrypt() method (from Martijn The)

    • Improved error handling on PDFs with truncated streams (from cecilkorik)

    • Python 3 support (from kushal-kumaran)

    • Fixed example code in README (from Jeremy Bethmont)

    • Fixed an bug caused by DecimalError Exception (from Adam Morris)

    • Many other bug fixes and features by:

      jeansch Anton Vlasenko Joseph Walton Jan Oliver Oelerich Fabian Henze And any others I missed. Thanks for contributing!

  • v1.13 Changes

    December 04, 2010
    • Fixed a typo in code for reading a "\b" escape character in strings.

    • Improved repr in FloatObject.

    • Fixed a bug in reading octal escape sequences in strings.

    • Added getWidth and getHeight methods to the RectangleObject class.

    • Fixed compatibility warnings with Python 2.4 and 2.5.

    • Added addBlankPage and insertBlankPage methods on PdfFileWriter class.

    • Fixed a bug with circular references in page's object trees (typically annotations) that prevented correctly writing out a copy of those pages.

    • New merge page functions allow application of a transformation matrix.

    • To all patch contributors: I did a poor job of keeping this ChangeLog up-to-date for this release, so I am missing attributions here for any changes you submitted. Sorry! I'll do better in the future.

  • v1.12 Changes

    September 02, 2008
    • Added support for XMP metadata.

    • Fix reading files with xref streams with multiple /Index values.

    • Fix extracting content streams that use graphics operators longer than 2 characters. Affects merging PDF files.

  • v1.11 Changes

    May 09, 2008
    • Patch from Hartmut Goebel to permit RectangleObjects to accept NumberObject or FloatObject values.

    • PDF compatibility fixes.

    • Fix to read object xref stream in correct order.

    • Fix for comments inside content streams.

  • v1.10 Changes

    October 04, 2007
    • Text strings from PDF files are returned as Unicode string objects when pyPdf determines that they can be decoded (as UTF-16 strings, or as PDFDocEncoding strings). Unicode objects are also written out when necessary. This means that string objects in pyPdf can be either generic.ByteStringObject instances, or generic.TextStringObject instances.

    • The extractText method now returns a unicode string object.

    • All document information properties now return unicode string objects. In the event that a document provides docinfo properties that are not decoded by pyPdf, the raw byte strings can be accessed with an "_raw" property (ie. title_raw rather than title)

    • generic.DictionaryObject instances have been enhanced to be easier to use. Values coming out of dictionary objects will automatically be de-referenced (.getObject will be called on them), unless accessed by the new "raw_get" method. DictionaryObjects can now only contain PdfObject instances (as keys and values), making it easier to debug where non-PdfObject values (which cannot be written out) are entering dictionaries.

    • Support for reading named destinations and outlines in PDF files. Original patch by Ashish Kulkarni.

    • Stream compatibility reading enhancements for malformed PDF files.

    • Cross reference table reading enhancements for malformed PDF files.

    • Encryption documentation.

    • Replace some "assert" statements with error raising.

    • Minor optimizations to FlateDecode algorithm increase speed when using PNG predictors.

  • v1.9 Changes

    December 15, 2006
    • Fix several serious bugs introduced in version 1.8, caused by a failure to run through our PDF test suite before releasing that version.

    • Fix bug in NullObject reading and writing.

  • v1.8 Changes

    December 14, 2006
    • Add support for decryption with the standard PDF security handler. This allows for decrypting PDF files given the proper user or owner password.

    • Add support for encryption with the standard PDF security handler.

    • Add new pythondoc documentation.

    • Fix bug in ASCII85 decode that occurs when whitespace exists inside the two terminating characters of the stream.

  • v1.7 Changes

    December 10, 2006
    • Fix a bug when using a single page object in two PdfFileWriter objects.

    • Adjust PyPDF to be tolerant of whitespace characters that don't belong during a stream object.

    • Add documentInfo property to PdfFileReader.

    • Add numPages property to PdfFileReader.

    • Add pages property to PdfFileReader.

    • Add extractText function to PdfFileReader.

  • v1.6 Changes

    June 06, 2006
    • Add basic support for comments in PDF files. This allows us to read some ReportLab PDFs that could not be read before.

    • Add "auto-repair" for finding xref table at slightly bad locations.

    • New StreamObject backend, cleaner and more powerful. Allows the use of stream filters more easily, including compressed streams.

    • Add a graphics state push/pop around page merges. Improves quality of page merges when one page's content stream leaves the graphics in an abnormal state.

    • Add PageObject.compressContentStreams function, which filters all content streams and compresses them. This will reduce the size of PDF pages, especially after they could have been decompressed in a mergePage operation.

    • Support inline images in PDF content streams.

    • Add support for using .NET framework compression when zlib is not available. This does not make pyPdf compatible with IronPython, but it is a first step.

    • Add support for reading the document information dictionary, and extracting title, author, subject, producer and creator tags.

    • Add patch to support NullObject and multiple xref streams, from Bradley Lawrence.