PyPDF2 v1.23 Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-08-11 // over 7 years ago
    • Documentation now available at

    • Bugfix in for when init.doc has no value (by Vladir Cruz)

    • Fix typos in OutlinesObject().add() (by shilluc)

    • Re-added a missing return statement in a method

    • Corrected viewing mode names (by Jason Scheirer)

    • New PdfFileWriter method: addJS() (by vfigueiro)

    • New bookmark features: color, boldness, italics, and page fit (by Joshua Arnott)

    • New PdfFileReader method: getFields(). Used to extract field information from PDFs with interactive forms. See documentation for details

    • Converted README file to markdown format (by Stephen Bussard)

    • Several improvements to overall performance and efficiency (by mozbugbox)

    • Fixed a bug where geospatial information was not scaling along with its page

    • Fixed a type issue and a Python 3 issue in the decryption algorithms (with Francisco Vieira and koba-ninkigumi)

    • Fixed a bug causing an infinite loop in the ASCII 85 decoding algorithm (by madmaardigan)

    • Annotations (links, comment windows, etc.) are now preserved when pages are merged together

    • Used the Destination class in addLink() and addBookmark() so that the page fit option could be properly customized