PyPDF2 v1.24 Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-12-31 // almost 7 years ago
    • Bugfixes for reading files in Python 3 (by Anthony Tuininga and pqqp)

    • Appropriate errors are now raised instead of infinite loops (by naure and Cyrus Vafadari)

    • Bugfix for parsing number tokens with leading spaces (by Maxim Kamenkov)

    • Don't crash on bad /Outlines reference (by eshellman)

    • Conform tabs/spaces and blank lines to PEP 8 standards

    • Utilize the readUntilRegex method when reading Number Objects (by Brendan Jurd)

    • More bugfixes for Python 3 and clearer exception handling

    • Fixed encoding issue in merger (with eshellman)

    • Created separate folder for scripts