kivy v2.0.0.rc3 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-06-15 // 3 months ago

Previous changes from v1.11.0

  • We are pleased to announce Kivy 1.11.0.

    Kivy is a full featured framework for creating novel and performant user
    πŸš€ interfaces, such as multitouch applications, released under the MIT license.
    🍎 The framework works on Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS and Raspberry Pi.

    • πŸš€ This is the last release to support Python 2.7. The next release will only support Python 3.5+.
    • πŸš€ This is also the first release with Kivy wheels for Linux (3.5+ only, Windows and macOS already have wheels).
    • ⬆️ Windows dependencies are now under the namespace external to Kivy, rather than under Kivy. Whether you're upgrading Kivy, please pin the dependency versions when installing because Kivy binary dependencies are not generally backward compatible [#6312].
    • The namespace is similarly being transitioned to the kivy_garden.flower namespace.

    πŸ‘€ See below for more details.

    Downloads and installation instructions are available on the Kivy website:

    Installation notes

    🏁 Windows

    • [#6324]: We are transitioning the kivy Windows dependencies from the namespace stored under kivy/deps/xxx to the namespace stored under kivy_deps/xxx. Pip is sometimes not able to distinguish between these two formats, so follow the instructions below.
      • If you're not upgrading Kivy, please make sure to pin your dependencies to the versions that was on pypi when your Kivy was released so that you don't get newer incompatible dependencies.
      • If you're upgrading Kivy, manually uninstall all the dependencies because pip will not uninstall them when you're upgrading. Then re-install the dependencies as instructed on the Kivy website.
      • If you're installing the first time , simply follow the instructions on Kivy's website.

    🍎 Linux and macOS

    🍎 The new Linux wheels (#6248) can be installed with just pip install kivy, however, just like on macOS it comes without the Gstreamer dependencies so it has no video and minor audio support. For video/audio support, please install ffpyplayer and set KIVY_VIDEO=ffpyplayer in the environment, or install kivy using an alternative method that provides these dependencies.


    πŸ‘Œ Support

    πŸ”§ Configuration

    [#6192]: Support for environmental variables that control the config in the form of KCFG_SECTION_KEY has been added. E.g. setting KCFG_KIVY_LOG_LEVEL=warning in the environment is the same as calling Config.set("kivy", "log_level", "warning") or setting the log_level in the kivy section of the config to warning. Note that underscores are not allowed in the section names.

    Any key set this will way will take precedence on the loaded config.ini file. Support for this can be disabled by setting the enviornmental variable KIVY_NO_ENV_CONFIG=1 and the environment will not be read for configuration options.

    KV lang

    [#6257]: A new KV-Python integration event that fires when all the KV rules of the widget has been applied, on_kv_post, has been added to the Widget class. This event fires for a widget when all the KV rules it participates in has been applied and ids has been initialized. Binding to this event will let you execute code for your widget without having to schedule the code for the next clock cycle.

    Similarly, a new apply_class_lang_rules method was added to Widget that is called in order to apply the KV rules of that widget class. Inheriting and overwriting that method will give you the oppertunity to execute code before any KV rules are applied.


    We are transitioning the Kivy garden flowers from the namespace stored under kivy/garden/flower or ~/.kivy/garden to the normal python package format kivy_garden.flower namespace stored under kivy_garden/flower. With the new configuration, garden flowers will be pip installable, support cython flowers, and not require the custom garden tool.

    We're hoping to transition all flowers to the new format, however, for now many flowers still require installation by the garden tool.

    πŸ‘€ For users, see For developers, see for how to start a new flower, and for how to migrate existing flowers to the new format.


    • [#6186]: Live resizing has been added for desktop platforms that use the SDL2 window backend.

    πŸ—„ Deprecated

    πŸ—„ [#6313]: Pygame has been deprecated. We urge users who have been using pygame to try SDL2 and
    our other providers. If there are any reasons why Pygame is used instead of SDL2 please let
    us know so we can fix them.

    πŸ—„ Deprecation warnings have also been added to everything that has been deprecated in the past.

    πŸ’₯ Breaking changes

    • [#6095]: Changed the Android version to use App.user_data_dir for the configuration and added a missing dot to the config file name.
    • [#5340]: Removed DropDown.dismiss in on_touch_down so it is only dismissed in on_touch_up.
    • βœ… [#5990, #6169]: We now use pytest to run our tests rather than nose.
    • 🚚 [#5968]: Listview and all its associated modules has finally be removed in favor of RecycleView.

    πŸ”„ Changelog



    • [#5995]: : use Logger.trace to prevent the purge flooding terminal in debug
    • 🚚 [#5988]: Removed cache print statements


    • [#6333]: Properly chceck that KIVY_NO_ENV_CONFIG is not set to zero.


    • [#5919]: Let the Inspector browse into WeakProxy'd widgets


    • [#6322]: PermissionError is not defined in py2.


    • βœ… [#5821]: Increase timeout/sleep to increase test robustness


    • β†ͺ [#6256]: Set cookie header workaround
    • [#6083]: Added the ability to stop (kill) the UrlRequest thread
    • [#5964]: Allow setting url agent for async image and urlrequest


    • [#6223]: Fix handling None values in DictProperty and ListProperty
    • [#6055]: Cache values of AliasProperty where possible
    • [#5960]: Fix Cython properties syntax
    • ⚑️ [#5856]: Update AliasProperty to cache value only if "cache" argument is set to True
    • [#5841]: fix issues with disabled aliasproperty


    • ⚑️ [#6230]: Update


    • πŸ“œ [#6330]: Create
    • [#5797]: fix syntax table for emacs kivy-mode


    • [#6175]: kivy.utils.rgba function bug fix for python 3 (used to crash)


    • πŸ‘· [#6311]: Fix versioning in CI and in kivy.
    • πŸ— [#6295]: Add pep8 stage and name builds on travis
    • πŸ— [#6250]: Disable wheel building on osx by not watching travis cron status.
    • ⚑️ [#6187]: Make travis brew update more reliable
    • [#6148]: Fix some travis errors
    • 🚚 [#5985]: Remove notification webhook from travis
    • βœ… [#5978]: tell travis to use bionic instead of trusty for tests
    • βœ… [#5977]: Fix travis flaky test
    • [#5973]: try using xcode10 for travis, as we cannot reproduce the imageio issue locally
    • [#5934]: Fix repo path in github app config comment
    • [#5845]: fix osx wheels



    • ⚑️ [#6168]: fix broken update to avfoundation
    • πŸ›  [#6156]: Adding fixes to support ios camera
    • πŸ‘ [#6119]: Add support for opencv 4
    • ⚑️ [#6051]: Update; fixes camera for Python 3
    • [#6033]: adding division future import to prevent further fps bugs
    • [#6032]: ensure floating point math when calculating fps
    • [#6027]: Fix 5146
    • [#5940]: Set android camera to autofocus
    • ⚑️ [#5922]: Updated to use reshape(-1) instead of tostring()


    • πŸ›  [#6178]: Clipboard: fixes for nspaste


    • [#6194]: imageio: fix jpg/png saving
    • [#6193]: Image: don't force iteration if we reuse the cache
    • πŸ›  [#6142]: Fixes SDL2 image loading (jpg)
    • [#6122]: Allow saving a core Image into BytesIO
    • 🏁 [#5822]: AsyncImage test fix for Windows py2.7


    • 🏁 [#5951]: Add a warning about support for pyenchant on windows


    • πŸ’… [#5970]: fix styles from latests PR
    • [#5962]: Pango + fontconfig/freetype2 text provider


    • [#6270]: Suggest how to fix unable to create playbin error.
    • [#6246]: Disabled set_volume() in play() function. Fix for #6210
    • [#5959]: Issue 5945


    • [#6283]: Limit live resize to desktop
    • [#6179]: window: fix multiple resize sent, and always sent the GL size, never …
    • 🚚 [#6164]: Removed default orientation hints on Android
    • [#6138]: Fix android's sensor orientation
    • ⚑️ [#6133]: Make top/left of window dispatch events on updates
    • πŸ›  [#6107]: Fixed fullscreen and orientation handling to work with SDL-2.0.9 on Android
    • [#6092]: Fix sdl close inconsistencies. closes #4194


    • πŸš€ [#6343]: Fix docs for the release
    • 🐧 [#6334]: Add docs for linux wheels
    • ⚑️ [#6316]: Update doc of AliasProperty
    • 🚚 [#6296]: Remove duplicate installation instructions.
    • [#6282]: example for adding, background_color to Label
    • πŸ“„ [#6217]: add a few kv examples to widget docs
    • [#6215]: Added pillow as a required python library
    • [#6214]: Grammar tweaks
    • ⚑️ [#6204]: Update OSX Install instructions for MakeSymlinks
    • [#6199]: Replace "it's" with "its" in several places
    • [#6198]: Correct a grammar mistake in two places
    • ⚑️ [#6189]: Update docs referring the change from nose tests to pytest
    • [#6185]: Raises minimum OSX version for current DMG.
    • ⚑️ [#6180]: Updated version no. for SDL building
    • ⚑️ [#6159]: Update installation for RPI with notes for latest Raspian issues
    • [#6129]: typo in doc comments
    • 🚚 [#6124]: Removed doc note about Python 3 on Android being experimental
    • [#6069]: : explain mechanics of size property
    • [#6061]: Fix rpi instructions
    • [#6049]: Lang widgets need to be capitalized
    • πŸ“„ [#6047]: fix misspelling in docs
    • [#6031]: rewriting of installation instructions
    • πŸ“„ [#6023]: Fix docstring example for Vector.rotate
    • [#6016]: : Add doc for transform_point
    • [#5971]: fix doc generation
    • πŸ™‹ [#5953]: FAQ about the "Unable to get Window: abort"
    • πŸ›  [#5943]: Fixed bounce
    • [#5925]: Fix Doc 'Input Management'
    • 🍎 [#5912]: OS X to macOS in README
    • πŸš€ [#5911]: Maintain separate docs for different releases
    • πŸ“„ [#5910]: Versioned docs
    • πŸ“„ [#5908]: : corrected typo in docs
    • πŸ“„ [#5903]: Correct iOS docs, add ref links
    • πŸ“„ [#5900]: : fix typo in window docs
    • [#5896]: add missing versionadded to pagelayout's anim_kwargs
    • [#5895]: add an example for using UrlRequest
    • βœ… [#5887]: : Grammar tweaks to test docs
    • [#5879]: add instructions for Fedora dependencies
    • [#5869]: python basics
    • πŸ›  [#5858]: Fixed PEP8 in Pong examples
    • ⚑️ [#5850]: : Update for Python 3.7
    • [#5848]: Document the data parameter for add_json_panel()
    • πŸš€ [#5846]: Maintain separate docs for different releases
    • 🚚 [#5840]: : Remove py34 substitutions in nightly lists
    • 🏁 [#5839]: Docs: Fix Windows nightly wheel links
    • πŸ“¦ [#5833]: Docs: Add note about not yet available py3.7 packages
    • 🚚 [#5790]: Removed checkbox doc info about colours outside 0-1 range
    • πŸ“š [#5765]: Update documentation for Clock.triggered decorator


    • [#6269]: Add ability to specify dash offsets for Line
    • [#6267]: actually return value of wrapped gil_dbgGetAttribLocation
    • πŸ›  [#6247]: Fixes broken lines vertices
    • [#6232]: Respect the alpha value when setting rgb.
    • [#6112]: declare _filename in svg.pxd
    • πŸ— [#6026]: Support building against mesa video core drivers.
    • ⚑️ [#6003]: : fix invalid offset calculation if attribute is optimized out
    • [#6000]: : Prevent enabling vertex attribute that are not in the shader
    • [#5999]: : Fixes KIVY_GL_DEBUG=1
    • [#5980]: Issue #5956: Fix casts in texture.blit_buffer for ushort and uint types.
    • πŸ‘ [#5969]: Fix version number and supports ARGB/BGRA
    • [#5957]: Fix matrix transformation for orthographic projection
    • [#5952]: Change order of CGL backend to prefer dynamic GL symbol loading
    • πŸ‘ [#5907]: Better #4752 fix
    • πŸ‘ [#6145]: img_tools.pxi: Support pitch alignment in bgr->rgb conversion


    • [#6062]: Activating Open Collective


    • [#6286]: Add caps and numlock to the modifiers
    • [#6281]: SetWindowLongPtrW ctypes prototype bug
    • [#6264]: Fix the ctrl bug in hidinput (Issue #4007)
    • [#6153]: MTDMotionEventProvider, set thread name
    • [#6152]: HIDInputMotionEventProvider, set thread name
    • 🌲 [#6012]: Fix HIDMotionEvent log formatting
    • [#5870]: Provider matching for input postproc calibration
    • [#5855]: add missing mapping for numpaddecimal


    • [#5878]: Make available from within Kv lan…



    • πŸ“¦ [#5982]: Removed kivy.lib.osc from packages
    • 🚚 [#5967]: Since osc is now available through oscpy, remove old crappy oscapi code



    • [#6048]: screen: add definition for OnePlus 3t
    • [#5928]: Add definition for the HUAWEI MediaPad M3 Lite 10 tablet

    πŸ‘‰ Showborder

    • [#6005]: add modules/showborder


    • ⚑️ [#6303]: Update license file year.


    • [#6341]: Bump cython max version.
    • βœ… [#6329]: Add Pyinstaller tests
    • [#6310]: Only delete files in kivy, properly detect git.
    • πŸ›  [#6306]: Fixes for PPA and CI
    • πŸ— [#6305]: Re-enable building osx wheels and app
    • 🏁 [#6275]: Add windows gst support without pkg-config.
    • βœ… [#6268]: Tested with cython 0.29.7
    • ⚑️ [#6182]: Update OSX SDL2/Image/Mixer/TTF to latest version
    • πŸ“¦ [#6165]: Include GStreamer in PyInstaller package
    • πŸ— [#6130]: Removed python version specification from buildozer install
    • [#6128]: Fix reading description #6127
    • [#6054]: Add new "canonical" path for binary Mali driver
    • 🐧 [#6046]: Added Arch Linux (ARM)
    • [#6008]: Allow to override build date with SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH
    • πŸ‘ [#5998]: Change check for Cython to attempt fallback to setuptools on supporte…
    • ⚑️ [#5966]: Update with Cython 0.28.5
    • πŸ‘ [#5866]: Add support for cross-compiling for the raspberry pi
    • [#5834]: Fix missing requirements for Python 3.6 64bit
    • πŸ‘ [#5826]: Drop support for py3.3, which is EOL
    • [#5820]: automate .app/dmg creatio for both python2 and 3 on osx
    • πŸ”§ [#5793]: Improve Makefile debug configuration
    • ⚑️ [#5777]: Update Cython to 0.28.3



    • πŸ”§ [#6043]: Configure Bubble's BackgroundImage's auto scale property


    • [#5975]: fix missing touchModeChange renaming to touch_mode_change
    • [#5958]: Fix 5783 carousel looping
    • ⚑️ [#5837]: carousel - update add_widget with 'canvas' parameter


    • [#6317]: Fix checkbox state issues.
    • [#6287]: Fix CheckBox Python2 compatibility.
    • [#6273]: Fix "Object no attribute active" (Bug introduced via PR #4898)


    • ♻️ [#5961]: ColorPicker refactor to prevent multiples event firing


    • [#6050]: correction of a malfunctioning with ..\ in Windows platforms (function _generate_file_entries)
    • [#6044]: Limited FileChooserProgress text size to widget size


    • [#5781]: Add 'on_pre_open' and 'on_pre_dismiss' events to ModalView


    • [#5868]: anim_kwargs in PageLayout


    • [#5963]: Fix 5913 recycle view steals data


    • [#5983]: Issue #5773: Ensure to dispatch on_transform_with_touch event when the angle change


    - [#6346]: Make switch_to accept already added screens.


    - [#6294]: [ScrollView] Touch is in wrong coordinates

    • [#6252]: Attempt to fix nested scrollviews
    • [#6020]: Add smooth_scroll_end


    • 🚚 [#6291]: Fix bug in TabbedPanel.remove_widget method


    • [#6309]: Fix TextInput shortcuts
    • [#6249]: Fix issues #6226 and #6227 in multiline-enabled TextInput
    • [#6120]: Corrected textinput key input detection to only use on_textinput
    • [#6113]: Made textinput ignore space keydown/keyup for space input


    • [#5844]: fix #5815 uncomplete node unselection in treeview


    • βœ… [#5972]: fix widget tests for python2
    • [#5954]: Scale export to png


    ⚑️ The new stable branch is now derived from the 1.11.0 tag. The oldest stable branch has been renamed to stable-1.10.1. If you still want to compile on android with this branch, use "kivy==stable-1.10.1" as requirement. We do not support previous versions, so if things doesn't work anymore due to changes in python-for-android, please take time to update your application.


    A big thanks to all of the Contributors, especially those github
    πŸ‘‰ usernames mentioned here:

    Akshay Arora, Albert Zeyer, Alexander Taylor, Andre Miras, Andres Vargas, Andrew McLeod, Armin Sebastian, Balazs OROSZI, Ben Saylor, Bernhard M. Wiedemann, Cheaterman, Christian Rishøj, Coen de Groot, CristiFati, Dominik Lang, Evstifeev Roman, Farley Lai, Filip Radović, Gabriel Pettier, Girts Folkmanis, GoBig87, Gunnar Strand, Guy Sheffer, Huyston, Jacob Gustafson, JakubBlaha, James Moore, Jess, Jim Morris, Jonas Schrâder, Justin Marsh (:flaviusb), Kjetil Andre Liknes, Kristian Sloth Lauszus, Lindstrâm Mathias, Luke Biddle, Mathieu Virbel, Mike Tran, Mirko, Mirko Galimberti, Narcisse Assogba, Peter Badida, Peter Dave Hello, Rafał Kaczor, Robert Niederreiter, Sean O'Donnell, Shai Avraham, Silas Gyger, Skaft, Terje Skjaeveland, Tom Ritchford, Vyacheslav Korneev, Zachary Spector, Zen-CODE, clach04, dolang, e-matteson, el3phanten, erm3nda, gottadiveintopython, jfrancoc, maddyaby, matham, opacam, pythonic64, richard, saqib1707, vchslv13, vmaillol

    Hope we mentioned them all.

    Kivy Team