Flask v1.2.0 Release Notes

  • 🚀 Unreleased

    • Add :meth:sessions.SessionInterface.get_cookie_name to allow setting the session cookie name dynamically. :pr:3369
    • Add :meth:Config.from_file to load config using arbitrary file loaders, such as toml.load or json.load. :meth:Config.from_json is deprecated in favor of this. :pr:3398
    • The flask run command will only defer errors on reload. Errors present during the initial call will cause the server to exit with the traceback immediately. :issue:3431
    • :func:send_file raises a :exc:ValueError when passed an :mod:io object in text mode. Previously, it would respond with 200 OK and an empty file. :issue:3358
    • When using ad-hoc certificates, check for the cryptography library instead of PyOpenSSL. :pr:3492