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  • v1.1.2

    🚀 Unreleased

    • ↪ Work around an issue when running the flask command with an external debugger on Windows. :issue:3297
  • v1.1.1

    🚀 Released 2019-07-08

    • The flask.json_available flag was added back for compatibility with some extensions. It will raise a deprecation warning when used, and will be removed in version 2.0.0. :issue:3288
  • v1.1.0

    🚀 Released 2019-07-04

    • Bump minimum Werkzeug version to >= 0.15.
    • 👍 Drop support for Python 3.4.
    • Error handlers for InternalServerError or 500 will always be passed an instance of InternalServerError. If they are invoked due to an unhandled exception, that original exception is now available as e.original_exception rather than being passed directly to the handler. The same is true if the handler is for the base HTTPException. This makes error handler behavior more consistent. :pr:3266

      • :meth:Flask.finalize_request is called for all unhandled exceptions even if there is no 500 error handler.
    • :attr:Flask.logger takes the same name as (the value passed as Flask(import_name). This reverts 1.0's behavior of always logging to "", in order to support multiple apps in the same process. A warning will be shown if old configuration is detected that needs to be moved. :issue:2866

    • :meth:flask.RequestContext.copy includes the current session object in the request context copy. This prevents session pointing to an out-of-date object. :issue:2935

    • 🖨 Using built-in RequestContext, unprintable Unicode characters in Host header will result in a HTTP 400 response and not HTTP 500 as previously. :pr:2994

    • 👍 :func:send_file supports :class:~os.PathLike objects as described in PEP 0519, to support :mod:pathlib in Python 3. :pr:3059

    • 👍 :func:send_file supports :class:~io.BytesIO partial content. :issue:2957

    • :func:open_resource accepts the "rt" file mode. This still does the same thing as "r". :issue:3163

    • The :attr:MethodView.methods attribute set in a base class is used by subclasses. :issue:3138

    • :attr:Flask.jinja_options is a dict instead of an ImmutableDict to allow easier configuration. Changes must still be made before creating the environment. :pr:3190

    • Flask's JSONMixin for the request and response wrappers was moved into Werkzeug. Use Werkzeug's version with Flask-specific support. This bumps the Werkzeug dependency to >= 0.15. :issue:3125

    • The flask command entry point is simplified to take advantage of Werkzeug 0.15's better reloader support. This bumps the Werkzeug dependency to >= 0.15. :issue:3022

    • Support static_url_path that ends with a forward slash. :issue:3134

    • 👍 Support empty static_folder without requiring setting an empty static_url_path as well. :pr:3124

    • 👍 :meth:jsonify supports :class:dataclasses.dataclass objects. :pr:3195

    • Allow customizing the :attr:Flask.url_map_class used for routing. :pr:3069

    • The development server port can be set to 0, which tells the OS to pick an available port. :issue:2926

    • The return value from :meth:cli.load_dotenv is more consistent with the documentation. It will return False if python-dotenv is not installed, or if the given path isn't a file. :issue:2937

    • 🚦 Signaling support has a stub for the connect_via method when the Blinker library is not installed. :pr:3208

    • Add an --extra-files option to the flask run CLI command to specify extra files that will trigger the reloader on change. :issue:2897

    • Allow returning a dictionary from a view function. Similar to how returning a string will produce a text/html response, returning a dict will call jsonify to produce a application/json response. :pr:3111

    • 🖨 Blueprints have a cli Click group like app.cli. CLI commands registered with a blueprint will be available as a group under the flask command. :issue:1357.

    • ✅ When using the test client as a context manager (with client:), all preserved request contexts are popped when the block exits, ensuring nested contexts are cleaned up correctly. :pr:3157

    • 👍 Show a better error message when the view return type is not supported. :issue:3214

    • flask.testing.make_test_environ_builder() has been deprecated in favour of a new class flask.testing.EnvironBuilder. :pr:3232

    • The flask run command no longer fails if Python is not built with SSL support. Using the --cert option will show an appropriate error message. :issue:3211

    • URL matching now occurs after the request context is pushed, rather than when it's created. This allows custom URL converters to access the app and request contexts, such as to query a database for an id. :issue:3088

  • v1.0.4

    🚀 Released 2019-07-04

    • The key information for BadRequestKeyError is no longer cleared outside debug mode, so error handlers can still access it. This requires upgrading to Werkzeug 0.15.5. :issue:3249
    • send_file url quotes the ":" and "/" characters for more compatible UTF-8 filename support in some browsers. :issue:3074
    • ✅ Fixes for PEP451 import loaders and pytest 5.x. :issue:3275
    • Show message about dotenv on stderr instead of stdout. :issue:3285
  • v1.0.3

    🚀 Released 2019-05-17

    • :func:send_file encodes filenames as ASCII instead of Latin-1 (ISO-8859-1). This fixes compatibility with Gunicorn, which is stricter about header encodings than PEP 3333. :issue:2766
    • Allow custom CLIs using FlaskGroup to set the debug flag without it always being overwritten based on environment variables. :pr:2765
    • flask --version outputs Werkzeug's version and simplifies the Python version. :pr:2825
    • :func:send_file handles an attachment_filename that is a native Python 2 string (bytes) with UTF-8 coded bytes. :issue:2933
    • A catch-all error handler registered for HTTPException will not handle RoutingException, which is used internally during routing. This fixes the unexpected behavior that had been introduced in 1.0. :pr:2986
    • ✅ Passing the json argument to app.test_client does not push/pop an extra app context. :issue:2900
  • v1.0.2

    🚀 Released 2018-05-02

    • 🔀 Fix more backwards compatibility issues with merging slashes between a blueprint prefix and route. :pr:2748
    • Fix error with flask routes command when there are no routes. :issue:2751
  • v1.0.1

    🚀 Released 2018-04-29

    • Fix registering partials (with no __name__) as view functions. :pr:2730
    • Don't treat lists returned from view functions the same as tuples. Only tuples are interpreted as response data. :issue:2736
    • 🖨 Extra slashes between a blueprint's url_prefix and a route URL are merged. This fixes some backwards compatibility issues with the change in 1.0. :issue:2731, :issue:2742
    • Only trap BadRequestKeyError errors in debug mode, not all BadRequest errors. This allows abort(400) to continue working as expected. :issue:2735
    • The FLASK_SKIP_DOTENV environment variable can be set to 1 to skip automatically loading dotenv files. :issue:2722
  • v1.0

    🚀 Released 2018-04-26

    • 👍 Python 2.6 and 3.3 are no longer supported.
    • ✅ Bump minimum dependency versions to the latest stable versions: Werkzeug >= 0.14, Jinja >= 2.10, itsdangerous >= 0.24, Click >= 5.1. :issue:2586
    • Skip <> when a Flask application is run from the command line. This avoids some behavior that was confusing to debug.
    • 🖨 Change the default for :data:JSONIFY_PRETTYPRINT_REGULAR to False. :func:~json.jsonify returns a compact format by default, and an indented format in debug mode. :pr:2193
    • :meth:Flask.__init__ <Flask> accepts the host_matching argument and sets it on :attr:~Flask.url_map. :issue:1559
    • :meth:Flask.__init__ <Flask> accepts the static_host argument and passes it as the host argument when defining the static route. :issue:1559
    • 👍 :func:send_file supports Unicode in attachment_filename. :pr:2223
    • Pass _scheme argument from :func:url_for to :meth:~Flask.handle_url_build_error. :pr:2017
    • :meth:~Flask.add_url_rule accepts the provide_automatic_options argument to disable adding the OPTIONS method. :pr:1489
    • :class:~views.MethodView subclasses inherit method handlers from base classes. :pr:1936
    • Errors caused while opening the session at the beginning of the request are handled by the app's error handlers. :pr:2254
    • 🖨 Blueprints gained :attr:~Blueprint.json_encoder and :attr:~Blueprint.json_decoder attributes to override the app's encoder and decoder. :pr:1898
    • :meth:Flask.make_response raises TypeError instead of ValueError for bad response types. The error messages have been improved to describe why the type is invalid. :pr:2256
    • Add routes CLI command to output routes registered on the application. :pr:2259
    • ⚠ Show warning when session cookie domain is a bare hostname or an IP address, as these may not behave properly in some browsers, such as Chrome. :pr:2282
    • Allow IP address as exact session cookie domain. :pr:2282
    • SESSION_COOKIE_DOMAIN is set if it is detected through SERVER_NAME. :pr:2282
    • Auto-detect zero-argument app factory called create_app or make_app from FLASK_APP. :pr:2297
    • Factory functions are not required to take a script_info parameter to work with the flask command. If they take a single parameter or a parameter named script_info, the :class:~cli.ScriptInfo object will be passed. :pr:2319
    • FLASK_APP can be set to an app factory, with arguments if needed, for example'dev'). :pr:2326
    • 📦 FLASK_APP can point to local packages that are not installed in editable mode, although pip install -e is still preferred. :pr:2414
    • The :class:~views.View class attribute :attr:~views.View.provide_automatic_options is set in :meth:~views.View.as_view, to be detected by :meth:~Flask.add_url_rule. :pr:2316
    • 🖨 Error handling will try handlers registered for blueprint, code, app, code, blueprint, exception, app, exception. :pr:2314
    • Cookie is added to the response's Vary header if the session is accessed at all during the request (and not deleted). :pr:2288
    • :meth:~Flask.test_request_context accepts subdomain and url_scheme arguments for use when building the base URL. :pr:1621
    • 0️⃣ Set :data:APPLICATION_ROOT to '/' by default. This was already the implicit default when it was set to None.
    • :data:TRAP_BAD_REQUEST_ERRORS is enabled by default in debug mode. BadRequestKeyError has a message with the bad key in debug mode instead of the generic bad request message. :pr:2348
    • Allow registering new tags with :class:~json.tag.TaggedJSONSerializer to support storing other types in the session cookie. :pr:2352
    • Only open the session if the request has not been pushed onto the context stack yet. This allows :func:~stream_with_context generators to access the same session that the containing view uses. :pr:2354
    • ✅ Add json keyword argument for the test client request methods. This will dump the given object as JSON and set the appropriate content type. :pr:2358
    • Extract JSON handling to a mixin applied to both the :class:Request and :class:Response classes. This adds the :meth:~Response.is_json and :meth:~Response.get_json methods to the response to make testing JSON response much easier. :pr:2358
    • 🚚 Removed error handler caching because it caused unexpected results for some exception inheritance hierarchies. Register handlers explicitly for each exception if you want to avoid traversing the MRO. :pr:2362
    • Fix incorrect JSON encoding of aware, non-UTC datetimes. :pr:2374
    • Template auto reloading will honor debug mode even even if :attr:~Flask.jinja_env was already accessed. :pr:2373
    • 🚚 The following old deprecated code was removed. :issue:2385

      • flask.ext - import extensions directly by their name instead of through the flask.ext namespace. For example, import flask.ext.sqlalchemy becomes import flask_sqlalchemy.
      • Flask.init_jinja_globals - extend :meth:Flask.create_jinja_environment instead.
      • Flask.error_handlers - tracked by :attr:Flask.error_handler_spec, use :meth:Flask.errorhandler to register handlers.
      • Flask.request_globals_class - use :attr:Flask.app_ctx_globals_class instead.
      • Flask.static_path - use :attr:Flask.static_url_path instead.
      • Request.module - use :attr:Request.blueprint instead.
    • 🗄 The :attr:Request.json property is no longer deprecated. :issue:1421

    • ✅ Support passing a :class:~werkzeug.test.EnvironBuilder or dict to <>. :pr:2412

    • The flask command and will load environment variables from .env and .flaskenv files if python-dotenv is installed. :pr:2416

    • ✅ When passing a full URL to the test client, the scheme in the URL is used instead of :data:PREFERRED_URL_SCHEME. :pr:2430

    • :attr:Flask.logger has been simplified. LOGGER_NAME and LOGGER_HANDLER_POLICY config was removed. The logger is always named The level is only set on first access, it doesn't check :attr:Flask.debug each time. Only one format is used, not different ones depending on :attr:Flask.debug. No handlers are removed, and a handler is only added if no handlers are already configured. :pr:2436

    • 🖨 Blueprint view function names may not contain dots. :pr:2450

    • Fix a ValueError caused by invalid Range requests in some cases. :issue:2526

    • 0️⃣ The development server uses threads by default. :pr:2529

    • Loading config files with silent=True will ignore :data:~errno.ENOTDIR errors. :pr:2581

    • Pass --cert and --key options to flask run to run the development server over HTTPS. :pr:2606

    • Added :data:SESSION_COOKIE_SAMESITE to control the SameSite attribute on the session cookie. :pr:2607

    • Added :meth:~flask.Flask.test_cli_runner to create a Click runner that can invoke Flask CLI commands for testing. :pr:2636

    • 0️⃣ Subdomain matching is disabled by default and setting :data:SERVER_NAME does not implicitly enable it. It can be enabled by passing subdomain_matching=True to the Flask constructor. :pr:2635

    • 🖨 A single trailing slash is stripped from the blueprint url_prefix when it is registered with the app. :pr:2629

    • 📜 :meth:Request.get_json doesn't cache the result if parsing fails when silent is true. :issue:2651

    • :func:Request.get_json no longer accepts arbitrary encodings. Incoming JSON should be encoded using UTF-8 per :rfc:8259, but Flask will autodetect UTF-8, -16, or -32. :pr:2691

    • Added :data:MAX_COOKIE_SIZE and :attr:Response.max_cookie_size to control when Werkzeug warns about large cookies that browsers may ignore. :pr:2693

    • 📚 Updated documentation theme to make docs look better in small windows. :pr:2709

    • 📄 Rewrote the tutorial docs and example project to take a more structured approach to help new users avoid common pitfalls. :pr:2676

  • v0.12.4

    🚀 Released 2018-04-29

    • 📦 Repackage 0.12.3 to fix package layout issue. :issue:2728
  • v0.12.3

    🚀 Released 2018-04-26

    • :func:Request.get_json no longer accepts arbitrary encodings. Incoming JSON should be encoded using UTF-8 per :rfc:8259, but Flask will autodetect UTF-8, -16, or -32. :issue:2692
    • ⚠ Fix a Python warning about imports when using python -m flask. :issue:2666
    • Fix a ValueError caused by invalid Range requests in some cases.