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  • v7.2.1

    June 02, 2020
    • 🛠 Fixed issue when slicing a Search that would result in a negative size instead of a size of 0. (#1360, contributed by @bk-equityzen)

    .. _@bk-equityzen: .. _#1360:

  • v7.2.0

    May 04, 2020
    • Added support for geotile_grid aggregation (#1350, contributed by @owrcasstevens)
    • ➕ Added the DenseVector and SparseVector data types (#1278_)
    • Added the SearchAsYouType field (#1295, contributed by @dpasqualin)
    • Fixed name of DoubleRange (#1272, contributed by @braunsonm)

    .. _@braunsonm: .. _@dpasqualin: .. _@owrcasstevens: .. _#1272: .. _#1278: .. _#1295: .. _#1350:

  • v7.1.0

    October 23, 2019
    • Optimistic concurrent control for Document.delete
    • 🗄 Removing deprecated DocType
    • Proper count caching for ES 7.x
    • 👌 Support for multiplexer token filter
    • Don't substitute for __ in FacetedSearch
  • v7.0.0

    April 26, 2019
    • Compatibility with Elasticsearch 7.x
    • ⚡️ now returns "created" or "updated"
    • ⬇️ Dropped support for Python 2.6, 3.2, and 3.3
    • 🔀 When using fields the values are no longer merged into the body of the document and have to be accessed via .meta.fields only
  • v6.4.0

    April 26, 2019
    • Index.document now correctly sets the Document's _index only when using default index (#1091)
    • 📇 Document inheritance allows overriding Object and Nested field metadata like dynamic
    • adding auto_date_histogram aggregation
    • Do not change data in place when (de)serializing
  • v6.3.1

    December 05, 2018
    • 👍 Analyzer.simulate now supports built-in analyzers
    • proper (de)serialization of the Range wrapper
    • ➕ Added search_analyzer to Completion field
  • v6.3.0

    November 21, 2018
    • 🛠 Fixed logic around defining a different doc_type name.
    • Added retry_on_conflict parameter to Document.update.
    • fields defined on an index are now used to (de)serialize the data even when not defined on a Document
    • 👍 Allow Index.analyzer to construct the analyzer
    • Detect conflict in analyzer definitions when calling Index.analyzer
    • Detect conflicting mappings when creating an index
    • ➕ Add simulate method to analyzer object to test the analyzer using the _analyze API.
    • ➕ Add script and script_id options to Document.update
    • Facet can now use other metric than doc_count
    • Range objects to help with storing and working with _range fields
    • 👌 Improved behavior of where it does a better job when index already exists
    • 👍 Composite aggregations now correctly support multiple sources aggs
    • ⚡️ UpdateByQuery implementated by @emarcey
  • v6.2.1

    July 03, 2018
    • 👍 allow users to redefine doc_type in Index (#929)
    • include DocType in elasticsearch_dsl module directly (#930)
  • v6.2.0

    July 03, 2018

    Backwards incompatible change - DocType refactoring.

    ♻️ In 6.2.0 we refactored the DocType class and renamed it to 👍 Document. The primary motivation for this was the support for types being ⬇️ dropped from elasticsearch itself in 7.x - we needed to somehow link the Index and Document classes. To do this we split the options that were previously defined in the class Meta between it and newly introduced class Index. The split is that all options that were tied to mappings (like setting dynamic = MetaField('strict')) remain in class Meta and all options for index definition (like settings, name, or aliases) got 🚚 moved to the new class Index.

    👀 You can see some examples of the new functionality in the examples 📚 directory. Documentation has been updated to reflect the new API.

    🚚 DocType is now just an alias for Document which will be removed in 7.x. It does, however, work in the new way which is not fully backwards compatible.

    • Percolator field now expects Query objects as values
    • you can no longer access meta fields on a Document instance by specifying ._id or similar. Instead all access needs to happen via the .meta attribute.
    • Implemented NestedFacet for FacetedSearch. This brought a need to slightly change the semantics of Facet.get_values which now expects the whole data dict for the aggregation, not just the buckets. This is a backwards incompatible change for custom aggregations that redefine that method.
    • ⚡️ Document.update now supports refresh kwarg
    • 👯 DslBase._clone now produces a shallow copy, this means that modifying an existing query can have effects on existing Search objects.
    • 0️⃣ Empty Search no longer defaults to match_all query and instead leaves the query key empty. This is backwards incompatible when using suggest.
  • v6.1.0

    January 09, 2018
    • ✂ Removed String field.
    • 🛠 Fixed issue with Object/Nested deserialization