django-crispy-forms v1.2.1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2012-11-28 // almost 10 years ago
    • Bug fix help_text_inline set to True, see #117.
    • New fix for the space between buttons problems, see #62.
    • Reduced importantly whitespace in html generated by crispy-forms, forms are now more compact.
    • Added support for specifying a template pack per form, see #66 and #109.
    • Removed clearfix class from bootstrap templates, not necessary anymore, see #105.
    • Space cleanup in bootstrap templates, thanks to Si Feng, see #122.
    • Fixed MultiField to work with form_show_errors helper attribute.
    • Fixed a bug in MultiField that set error class when there were form errors, no matter if the fields with errors were contained within, see #120.
    • FieldWithButtons now supports Field layout object as its first parameter, for setting input attributes.
    • Bug fixes for FieldWithButtons, field label, help_text or error messages were not being rendered, see #121.
    • Fixed a bug that was making crispy-forms render extra fields with ModelForms that didn't have Meta.fields defined, thanks to Jean-Baptiste Juin for reporting it.
    • Fixed a bug that was breaking Django 1.2 compatibility when copying context variables, thanks to Alex Yakovlev for submitting a patch, see #108.
    • Fixed a bug for AppendedText, PrependedText and AppendedPrependedText layout objects, thanks to Bojan Mihelac, see #104.
    • Fixed a bug in appended and prepended text layout objects for respecting hidden fields, thanks to Bojan Mihelac, see #103.
    • Added two new bootstrap layout objects: FieldWithButtons and StrictButton.
    • Added checks and better error messages for dynamic API.
    • Fixed get_layout_objects recursive call for Python2.5 compatibility, thanks to Can Başçıl for reporting it.