boltons v16.2.2 Release Notes

  • (May 3, 2016)

    many small tweaks to socketutils.BufferedSocket, including optional inclusion of the delimiter in recv_until. also undid the enabling of bak 🏁 files with AtomicSaver on windows

    • Small [socketutils.BufferedSocket][socketutils.BufferedSocket] tweaks
      • make recv_until conditionally return the delimiter (by default it does not). also fix a NetstringException inheritance typo
      • [socketutils][socketutils]: rename BufferedSocket.recv_lock to _recv_lock, and same for send_lock.
      • add a bunch of simple passthrough methods to better fill out socket's API
      • add .fileno/.close/.shutdown to [socketutils.BufferedSocket][socketutils.BufferedSocket]
      • added type/family/proto [socketutils.BufferedSocket][socketutils.BufferedSocket] passthrough properties
      • BufferedSocket: also lock on .shutdown()
      • adding an rbuf_unconsumed attribute for post-close debugging, per @doublereedkurt's request
      • getsendbuffer() returns a bytestring and recv_size() uses the proper ._recvsize on the first socket fetch
    • [fileutils.AtomicSaver][fileutils.AtomicSaver]: revert bak file as it was causing confusion, per nvie/pip-tools#351