boltons v16.2.1 Release Notes

  • (April 29, 2016)

    👀 This version sees the soft debut of [socketutils][socketutils], which includes wrappers and tools for working with the built-in socket. A lot of [socketutils.BufferedSocket][socketutils.BufferedSocket] changes.

    • [BufferedSocket.recv_until][socketutils.BufferedSocket.recv_until] now supports multibyte delimiters and also includes the delimiter in its returns.
    • Better BufferedSocket timeout discipline throughout.
    • Various BufferedSocket argument name changes, maxbytes became maxsize, n became size, marker became delimiter, etc.
    • [BufferedSocket][socketutils.BufferedSocket] BufferedSocket became threadsafe
    • [BufferedSocket.recv][socketutils.BufferedSocket.recv] now always returns the contents of the internal buffer before doing a socket call.
    • [BufferedSocket.recv_close][socketutils.BufferedSocket.recv_close] now exists to receive until the sending end closes the connection.
    • Can now pass recvsize to [BufferedSocket][socketutils.BufferedSocket] constructor to tune the size passed to the lower-level recv call.
    • [socketutils][socketutils] got documented and tested.