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  • We'll use Poetry to start a simple project, manage dependencies and publish it on PyPI. We'll also integrate Pytest, Black, and Flake8 into VSCode directly from a Virtual Environment.
    Article  Added by wilfredinni // www.pythoncheatsheet.org // 17 days ago
  • Multi-stage Docker builds are the best way to get small images and fast builds if your application includes compiled code. But supporting them in Python is a little tricky: this tutorial will show you how to do it.
    Tutorial  Added by itamarst // pythonspeed.com // about 1 month ago
  • When you’re packaging your Python application in a Docker image, you’ll often use a virtualenv, and use it somehow. The usual method is repetitive and therefore error-prone. There is a simpler way of activating a virtualenv, however, which I’ll demonstrate in this article.
    Tutorial  Added by itamarst // pythonspeed.com // about 1 month ago
  • An introduction to pipenv and PipFile.
    Tutorial  Added by joncutrer // jcutrer.com // about 1 year ago