inbox v17.3.8 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-03-08 // over 7 years ago

Previous changes from v17.1.6

  • 🛠 We've switched to doing released in order to make sure folks are getting stable code. This release includes many changes (mostly bugfixes) from the past several months.

    ⚡️ Here is an abbreviated commit log. If you are updating your local sync engine, note there are several migrations you may need to run.

    4df11df [sync] TravisCI testing changes and version bump for OSS release
    5619ef9 [developer] More logs display bugfixes
    bcef868 [none] Update outdated comment
    1b42c6c [admin] Add instructions for perf profiler and make easier to use
    3e94a3f [balancer] Don't move Accounts that belong to debug sync instances
    d08e69b [api, sync] Handle more IMAP auth errors. Provide better error messages.
    aa9b82a [sync] Truncate long calendar names
    de16267 [api] Fixes AttributeError where some messages categories are None
    5cc00df [sync] Truncate traceback to prevent DataError cont.
    dd7bad3 [sync] Truncate traceback to prevent DataError
    bcfa1a5 [sync] Make sure the thread exists
    4f4bc6f [sync] Don't process event during message reconciliation
    0cbd15f [sync] Fixes T7297
    c386528 [*] Fix event queue bug
    825d9bc [api] Don't schedule draft deletion until message is sent
    29a5ed4 [all] Don't include debug instances by default
    6123e2a [sync] Handle JSON parsing errors from event queue data
    5a38ac6 [sync] Use KillerGreenletTracer for SyncHTTPFrontend
    124b57d [sync] Use PPAs instead of CPU history for process limits
    9de67a4 [sync] Unpack the right number of values for event queue lpop
    2f17ab1 [migrator] Make migrator send heartbeats
    3005676 [sync, api, admin, migrator] Guard event listener against multiple commits
    622a37f [sync] Use correct end time for all day events
    b250782 [sync, api] Mark Accounts that already have post commit listeners
    10243b5 [sync] Split shared and private event queue handlers
    3b08cf4 [sync] Fix bugs in updated unschedule script
    4b0b653 [balancer] Handle when account ID is missing
    76f5b13 [sync] Update script to manually unload Accounts
    4ed36b8 [balancer] Add stats logging for migration minimization
    d58d651 [sync] Flush private queue when receiving an event
    2a80cd4 [balancer] Use Hungarian algo to minimize migrations
    4b0040f [balancer] Parameterize the timespan for load balancing
    2191519 [none] Delete legacy scheduler code
    0a9626d [sync] Release owned Accounts that no longer should be
    2daba2d [sync] Turn noisy event queue timeout statement down to DEBUG
    e850a9f [all] Make database transaction timing metrics optional
    2a0719a [sync] Don't discard Account until it's marked as released in the DB
    065eb63 [webhooks,sync,api,admin] Consolidate StatsD code, revise metrics names
    b950d0a [sync] Notify when Account.sync_should_run changes
    8dc90fa [api] [direct_fetching] Handle case where g_msgid is None.
    498a9ff [sync] Comment out new statsd counters for now
    2c69eb5 [sync] Don't send migrate_from if desired_sync_host is None
    be41c73 [sync] Handle more folder roles edge cases
    fe8f3db [sync, api] Ignore irrelevent Account updates when sending events
    9f65c7b Fix another draft deletion edge-case
    1dcf4f9 [api] Add custom provider rule for
    0f323fb [sync] Use gauge for sync_hosts_count metric
    82b20fb [sync] Fixup sync restart script
    b8b1c27 [sync] Don't manually clear sync host
    ed70ec8 [sync] Add function to get vcpu count when balancing fleet
    205fc95 [sync] Fix some problems with finding Account loads
    1bfe66b [sync] Reduce some code duplication
    e67a9a5 [sync] Add script to dump per-Account loads in JSON
    88d0184 [sync] Add scripts to dump and restore the assigned sync redis hash
    531df0e [api, sync] Handle more errors during device provisioning.
    ad6ac16 [sync] Add legacy-balance-fleet to
    1e2aa19 [sync] Add legacy load balancer
    8b1ae86 [sync][api] Don't double-save to our legacy S3 bucket anymore
    aeae53a Log affected account id.
    81e8407 [sync] Add script to restart sync for forgotten Accounts
    5ed6047 [api] Direct fetching: handle non-existent UID replies.
    d8bb3e4 [syncback] Delete messages in a safe way
    36812e6 [migrator] Moar load balancer fixes
    aea75f9 [migrator] More sync load balancer fixes
    763fa83 [sync] Add script to balance sync fleet
    226d322 [api] Try converting g_msgid to a number if we get a string.
    3bd4764 [syncback] Merge adjacent SyncbackTasks for change_labels
    2103eec [sync] Add service to schedule Account migrations across sync hosts
    e7eba03 [sync] Deduplicate migration events
    8e015e2 [sync] Add per-Account sync counter for alerts
    b81bde9 [sync] Fixup string formatting in a couple scripts
    ca24daa Display exception breakdown in direct fetching validation script.
    d388df0 [sync] Add /build-metadata endpoint to SyncHTTPFrontend
    df7d351 More fixes for account migration
    c6c8a40 Fix Account migration stuff
    7251aed [schema][sync, api] Add ability to migrate Accounts between sync hosts
    b76ad14 Fix SyncHTTPFrontend after refactoring
    ed580d6 Commit after undeleting a Thread
    c7d1da6 [api] Bump nylas-production-python version
    0926449 [sync] Only collect first message metric for inbox
    c87a433 [sync] Include application_id in all requests
    69df7aa [api] Add provider to api request logs
    a4cc16f [api] Log more details on direct fetch failures
    8d56dc6 [api] Raise the right exception when trying to fetch a deleted message.
    89c78bd Skip null MIME parts.
    7aa87f4 Add more graphite logs.
    49576e0 [migration, sync] Update imapfolderinfo uidnext to be a bigint instead of int
    15b4d17 [direct-fetching] [sync] [api] Phase 2: Stop reading from our permanent bucket
    480c75e [sync] Fix truncation for TEXT columns
    95cc875 Add the ability to interrupt blocked greenlets
    3b0cdce Fix alembic migration script revisions
    4ed8cfc More exception catching
    0da4345 Log attempts on individual syncback actions
    66152e2 Standardize logging as action_log_id
    0b77782 Log account_id and num_connections as structured data in crispin pool creation
    4d468ee Make the direct fetching code a bit more robust
    e74efd2 Add profiler for SyncbackService
    e220f21 Add test for correct Contact.uid collation
    881548b Revert "Remove Block/Part ForeignKeys"
    d7e2af3 Bump nylas-production-python version
    ab7bb85 Bump nylas-production-python version
    9e4100b Skip Messages that don't have a valid Thread
    b8f8f81 [api, sync, schema] Make deleting Threads asynchronous
    53fe179 [sync, api] Don't update remote events if the remote event creation failed
    f5b5d82 [api] Update fastmail provider settings
    25e7a6f [api] Prevent TypeError for recurring calendar events
    723d84c Fix incorrect rebase of alembic migration script
    9781733 [SCHEMA] Drop foreign keys to and from Contact table
    e154aff Remove Block/Part ForeignKeys
    fe86721 [Ask @khamidou before shipping] Fetch attachments and raw messages directly from the email provider
    3a81f0f [api] Don't leak Exception messages when we don't know what they are!
    7ff64a4 Don't send an event invite to the owner.
    5b99c86 Set Part.content_id for inline attachments
    1f55c83 [api] fix(logging): Add all auth scope logging to WSGI context immediately
    727f9dd [api] fix(logging): Log namespace IDs before throwing 404s
    e47e6e7 Add support for sending inline images
    9a37aab [none] fix(logging): mysql “too many conn” is transient
    ed63006 [none] Upgrade coverage dep for more features
    9028025 [sync] fix(logging): Get default logger if none provided in callback
    f308473 [none] fix(tests): Use a random port for SMTP server
    e4aa649 fix(logging): Clip error messages saved to Account objects
    2d78db4 fix(logging): Don’t log transient mysql errors
    3461444 Standardize test database names
    f388883 [sync] Bump IMAPClient to include folder_status fix
    20f201f Provide detailed message to users when handling `OperationalError`'s
    572b70b Roll back to older pytest
    32e2b51 fix(tests): Unbreak local testing, oops
    2f8b12e fix(tests): Skip test_block_on_depleted_pool()
    7693683 Fix broken JSON in config-test.json
    482203a Split test sync-engine shard config out into separate config files
    c88471a Remove redwood DB config from sync engine test config
    e3eb09b Disable webhooks tests during jenkins runs until they are fixed
    af0881f Add iontrading as an exchange provider
    3512e7d Prevent ICS organizer CN field from being set to blank
    20e121d Bump nylas-production-python version
    ab6d56a Don't allow DetachedInstanceError crashes in model repr()
    c873997 Fix passing in of echo to engine()
    b27868f Quiet noisy 'syncing events' log statement
    c48cb33 Fix from address.
    f5bf5a8 Fix typo which made code super slow.
    5e13deb Turn down the production log volume more
    d7828d5 Remove Transaction ForeignKeys
    ea8d940 Give more insight about what deletion is doing 😅
    485250a Fix dev secrets filename
    113b95c Add ZONE in prod test config
    4e9603e For prod too
    236e968 Restore old SYNCBACK_ASSIGNMENTS values
    c860120 Syncback assignments really do have id '0' even though it's not valid JSON
    435f06a Add back some keys to the sync-engine test config
    7efb16b globs aren't strings
    19be6ef Deduplicate test configs
    e9f80b7 Make 'syncing contacts' message DEBUG also
    2f51947 Further reduce log volume
    363f98d Remove extraneous
    87d8359 Install pytest.ini into package
    49c4371 Pass as the hostname to mysql when dropping/creating test tables
    f9d9b62 sync-engine system tests depend on unspecified nylas API client library
    318e52e s/localhost/ on DATABASE_USERS also
    7661f81 Use instead of localhost in test mysql configs
    1c02fee Give all a different name
    e24c1d8 Fix SMTP SSL test
    cb1d356 Fix more tests
    ce226d9 Fix more tests in install
    da74be1 Ship JSON files too
    511fb55 Fix a bunch of tests
    c6901b1 Fix up to ship test data
    3abcc69 Fix Exchange tests to work in installed form
    c22eb3a Combine inbox.test dirs in installation
    127e617 Make tests work when package is installed too
    34276c6 Install test configs for sync-engine too
    5928e13 Add tox to sync-engine deps
    01fa0ac Distribute tests with source code