SublimeJEDI v0.18.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-10-15 // almost 3 years ago

Previous changes from v0.17.0

  • ⬆️ 7a8538c Upgrade to jedi 0.16.0
    a6cabbc Improvement when completing kwargs of a function: selection should be on the value not on the argument name.
    c154a8e Fix condition and bring comment back
    5901c58 Revert to old sorting
    🚚 73eb194 Remove unused function
    26a366e Redo the sorting of completions using line proximity
    944fc18 Show completions if there is any at all
    02bc918 Tiny optimization
    ce02153 Prevent flickering of autocompletion
    694b8e7 Make the auto-completion asynchronous