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Programming language: Python
License: The Unlicense
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A simple, infinitely scalable, SQS based queue.

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As I've been developing large scale web applications in Python for several years, I've come to try all of the available queueing solutions, namely Celery and RQ.

What I love about Celery is that it supports many backends, and is extremely configurable. Celery is great for large projects where you need to support very specific queueing requirements, and have lots of time to spend configuring and optimizing your software.

On the other end of the spectrum is RQ -- RQ is a very simple, minimalistic, queueing system which exclusively works with Redis. I love RQ because it can be dropped into any Python project in a number of minutes, and requires very little configuration. It also ships with a great dashboard and utilities.

Now the downsides.

As I've built more and more software over the years, I've come to really appreciate Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service). Not only is it incredibly fast and available in all of the AWS Regions, but it's the cheapest possible queueing system (in terms of hosting costs) by a huge margin, it requires 0 setup and configuration (other than having an AWS account), and almost never goes down.

What I really want to use is a simple queue system like RQ, that exclusively runs on SQS and is optimized for speed and cost. This means a queue system that will properly handle batching messages (my main issue with Celery is that it does not support this) and require minimal configuration.

My goal with SimpleQ is to build the queueing system I've always wanted: a simple SQS based queue that is extremely stable, fast, and cost effective.


This project's documentation is hosted at ReadTheDocs, for all usage and setup information you'll want to follow this link: http://simpleq.readthedocs.org/en/latest