RedBaron is a python library and tool powerful enough to be used into IPython solely that intent to make the process of writing code that modify source code as easy and as simple as possible. That include writing custom refactoring, generic refactoring, tools, IDE or directly modifying you source code into IPython with a higher and more powerful abstraction than the advanced texts modification tools that you find in advanced text editors and IDE.

RedBaron guaranteed you that it will only modify your code where you ask him to. To achieve this, it is based on Baron a lossless AST for Python that guarantees the operation ast_to_code(code_to_ast(source_code)) == source_code. (Baron's AST is called an FST, a Full Syntax Tree).

RedBaron API and feel is heavily inspired by BeautifulSoup. It tries to be simple and intuitive and that once you've get the basics principles, you are good without reading the doc for 80% of your operations.

Programming language: Python
License: GNU Lesser General Public License v3.0 or later
Latest version: v0.9.2

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