PythonNet v2.4.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-05-03 // over 2 years ago
  • ➕ Added

    • 👍 Added support for embedding python into dotnet core 2.0 (NetStandard 2.0)
    • 👷 Added new build system (pythonnet.15.sln) based on dotnetcore-sdk/xplat(crossplatform msbuild). Currently there two side-by-side build systems that produces the same output (net40) from the same sources. After a some transition time, current (mono/ msbuild 14.0) build system will be removed.
    • ⬆️ NUnit upgraded to 3.7 (eliminates travis-ci random bug)
    • Added C# PythonEngine.AddShutdownHandler to help client code clean up on shutdown.
    • Added clr.GetClrType ([#432][i432])([#433][p433])
    • Allowed passing None for nullable args ([#460][p460])
    • Added keyword arguments based on C# syntax for calling CPython methods ([#461][p461])
    • Catches exceptions thrown in C# iterators (yield returns) and rethrows them in python ([#475][i475])([#693][p693])
    • Implemented GetDynamicMemberNames() for PyObject to allow dynamic object members to be visible in the debugger ([#443][i443])([#690][p690])
    • 💅 Incorporated reference-style links to issues and pull requests in the CHANGELOG ([#608][i608])
    • 👍 Added PyObject finalizer support, Python objects referred by C# can be auto collect now ([#692][p692]).
    • Added detailed comments about aproaches and dangers to handle multi-app-domains ([#625][p625])
    • 🏗 Python 3.7 support, builds and testing added. Defaults changed from Python 3.6 to 3.7 ([#698][p698])
    • Added support for C# types to provide __repr__ ([#680][p680])

    🔄 Changed

    • PythonException included C# call stack
    • 👻 Reattach python exception traceback information (#545)
    • 🎉 PythonEngine.Intialize will now call Py_InitializeEx with a default value of 0, so signals will not be configured by default on embedding. This is different from the previous behaviour, where Py_Initialize was called instead, which sets initSigs to 1. ([#449][i449])
    • ♻️ Refactored MethodBinder.Bind in preparation to make it extensible (#829)
    • When calling C# from Python, enable passing argument of any type to a parameter of C# type object by wrapping it into PyObject instance. ([#881][i881])
    • 🏁 Look for installed Windows 10 sdk's during installation instead of relying on specific versions.

    🛠 Fixed

    • 🛠 Fixed secondary PythonEngine.Initialize call, all sensitive static variables now reseted. This is a hidden bug. Once python cleaning up enough memory, objects from previous engine run becomes corrupted. ([#534][p534])
    • 🛠 Fixed Visual Studio 2017 compat ([#434][i434]) for
    • 🛠 Fixed crashes when integrating pythonnet in Unity3d ([#714][i714]), related to unloading the Application Domain
    • Fixed interop methods with Py_ssize_t. NetCoreApp 2.0 is more sensitive than net40 and requires this fix. ([#531][p531])
    • 🛠 Fixed crash on exit of the Python interpreter if a python class derived from a .NET class has a __namespace__ or __assembly__ attribute ([#481][i481])
    • 🛠 Fixed conversion of 'float' and 'double' values ([#486][i486])
    • 🛠 Fixed 'clrmethod' for python 2 ([#492][i492])
    • 🛠 Fixed double calling of constructor when deriving from .NET class ([#495][i495])
    • 🛠 Fixed clr.GetClrType when iterating over System members ([#607][p607])
    • 🛠 Fixed LockRecursionException when loading assemblies ([#627][i627])
    • 🛠 Fixed errors breaking .NET Remoting on method invoke ([#276][i276])
    • 🛠 Fixed PyObject.GetHashCode ([#676][i676])
    • Fix memory leaks due to spurious handle incrementation ([#691][i691])
    • Fix spurious assembly loading exceptions from private types ([#703][i703])
    • Fix inheritance of non-abstract base methods ([#755][i755])