pySerial v2.7 Release Notes

Release Date: 2013-10-17 // almost 9 years ago
    • Win32: setRTS and setDTR can be called before the port is opened and it will set the initial state on port open.
    • Posix: add platform specific method: outWaiting (already present for Win32)
    • Posix: rename flowControl to setXON to match name on Win32, add flowControlOut function
    • rfc2217: zero polls value (baudrate, data size, stop bits, parity) (Erik Lundh)
    • ⚡️ Posix: [Patch pyserial:28] Accept any speed on Linux [update]
    • Posix: [Patch pyserial:29] should "ignore" errno.EINTR
    • OSX: [Patch pyserial:27] Scan by VendorID/Product ID for USB Serial devices
    • Ensure working with bytes in write() calls

    🛠 Bugfixes:

    • [Bug 3540332] SerialException not returned
    • [Bug pyserial:145] Error in
    • ⏱ [Bug pyserial:135] reading from socket with timeout=None causes TypeError
    • 📦 [Bug pyserial:130] should not append py3k to package name
    • [Bug pyserial:117] no error on lost conn w/socket://

    🛠 Bugfixes (posix):

    • [Patch 3462364] Fix: NameError: global name 'base' is not defined
    • ⚡️ list_ports and device() for BSD updated (Anders Langworthy)
    • [Bug 3518380] python3.2 -m error
    • [Bug pyserial:137] Patch to add non-standard baudrates to Cygwin
    • [Bug pyserial:141] open: Pass errno from IOError to SerialException
    • [Bug pyserial:125] Undefined 'base' on, function usb_lsusb
    • ⏱ [Bug pyserial:151] Serial.write() without a timeout uses 100% CPU on POSIX
    • [Patch pyserial:30] [PATCH 1/1] serial.Serial() should not raise IOError.

    🛠 Bugfixes (win32):

    • [Bug 3444941] ctypes.WinError() unicode error
    • 🏁 [Bug 3550043] on Windows in tools global name 'GetLastError' is not defined
    • 🏁 [Bug pyserial:146] flush() does nothing in windows (despite docs)
    • [Bug pyserial:144] com0com ports ignored due to missing "friendly name"
    • 🔧 [Bug pyserial:152] Cannot configure port, some setting was wrong. Can leave port handle open but port not accessible