pyexcel v0.4.2 Release Notes

  • ⚡️ Updated

    👻 #. Raise exception if the incoming sheet does not have column names. In other words, only sheet with column names could be saved to database. sheet with row names cannot be saved. The alternative is to transpose the sheet, then name_columns_by_row and then save.

    . fix iget_records where a non-uniform content should be given, e.g. [["x",

    "y"], [1, 2], [3]], some record would become non-uniform, e.g. key 'y' would be missing from the second record.

    . skip_empty_rows is applicable when saving a python data structure to

    another data source. For example, if your array contains a row which is consisted of empty string, such as ['', '', '' ... ''], please specify skip_empty_rows=False in order to preserve it. This becomes subtle when you try save a python dictionary where empty rows is not easy to be spotted. 📚 #. #69 <>_: better documentation for save_book_as.