PRAW v7.1.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-06-22 // almost 3 years ago
  • Added

    • :class:.Rule to represent one rule of a subreddit.
    • :class:.SubredditRules to get and add rules.
    • Ability to submit polls with :meth:~.Subreddit.submit_poll.
    • :class:.PollData and :class:.PollOption.
    • 📊 Ability to view poll data and poll options via the .poll_data attribute on poll submissions.
    • ➕ Add method :meth:~.Reddit.delete to :class:.Reddit class to support HTTP DELETE requests.
    • ➕ Added :class:.CalendarConfiguration to represent the configuration of a :class:.Calendar widget.
    • ➕ Added :class:.Hover to represent the hover state of a :class:.Button.
    • ➕ Added :class:.Styles to represent widget styling information.
    • ⚡️ Ability to stream live thread updates via new class :class:.LiveThreadStream with method :meth:~.LiveThreadStream.updates.

    🔄 Changed

    • ⚡️ :meth:.RemovalReason.update's parameters are now optional.
    • :meth:.SubredditRemovalReasons.__getitem__ now takes integers and slices to get removal reasons from the list of reasons as returned by Reddit.

    🗄 Deprecated

    • 🗄 :attr:.WebSocketException.original_exception is deprecated and slated for removal in PRAW 8.0.

    🛠 Fixed

    • An issue where certain subreddit settings could not be set through :meth:.SubredditModeration.update, such as welcome_message_enabled and welcome_message_text. This change also removes the need for PRAW to track current subreddit settings and send unmodified ones in the update request.
    • Instances of BadRequest\ s captured by PRAW that do not contain any detailed JSON data are re-raised as the original BadRequest.
    • :meth:~.Subreddit.submit_image and :meth:~.Subreddit.submit_video will throw :class:.MediaPostFailed when Reddit fails to post an image or video post.