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Changelog History

  • v0.4.3 Changes

    October 19, 2016
    • Added simple webserver (early state, unstable) to use pagan as a web application.
    • Added pagan command line interface to generate avatars from your terminal.
    • Added pytest and tox tests.
  • v0.3.3 Changes

    October 04, 2016
    • Resolved issue with newer versions of pillow.
    • Resolved issue with python 3 imports.
    • Resolved issue with python 3 hash encoding.
    • Updated Readme.
  • v0.3.2 Changes

    January 16, 2016
    • Implementing the Avatar class in as the main accessor.
    • Overall restructure for an object oriented approach.
    • Avatar objects can now be instantiated and manipulated before drawing.
    • Hash functions can now be omitted on Avatar creation by using simple constants (e.g., pagan.SHA512).
    • Generator paths are now OS independent.
    • Comment cleanup on some methods.
    • Constants are now initialised in
  • v0.2.3 Changes

    • Refactoring of the main filename from to
    • Added pathhandling for correct template reading to import pagan as a installed module.
    • Hashfunction accessors are now stored in a dictionary.
    • When run as main, the predefined samples run all available hash algorithms.
    • Added a setup script and manifest to publish on pypi.
  • v0.2.2 Changes

    November 12, 2015
    • Refactoring
    • Cleanup
  • v0.2.1 Changes

    • Modified pagan to generate hashes from arbitrary input strings.
    • Avatar creation is now fully based on a hash in hexadecimal form instead of IPv4 addresses.
    • Supports all hash algorithms that are included in pythons hashlib.
    • Can still process IPv4 addresses, they are also hashed now. Same applies for IPv6 addresses.
    • Features more colors. Each part of the gear is now painted uniquely due to the potential of hashes.
    • Did some refactoring.
    • Added documentation.