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High Performance packages

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  • Cython

    8.8 9.6 L2 Python
    The most widely used Python to C compiler
  • PyPy

    8.1 -
    An implementation of Python in Python. The interpreter uses black magic to make Python very fast without having to add in additional type information.
  • Interactive Parallel Computing with IPython

    7.3 9.5 L3 Python
    IPython Parallel: Interactive Parallel Computing in Python
  • dramatiq

    6.9 7.6 Python
    A fast and reliable background task processing library for Python 3.
  • Pyjion

    5.8 4.0 L1 C++
    A JIT for Python based upon CoreCLR
  • PeachPy

    5.8 0.9 L2 Python
    x86-64 assembler embedded in Python
  • Pyston

    5.6 9.4 L2 Python
    A faster and highly-compatible implementation of the Python programming language.
  • bcolz

    4.8 0.0 C
    A columnar data container that can be compressed.
  • cppimport

    4.5 4.0 L4 Python
    Import C++ files directly from Python!
  • Stackless Python

    0.5 -
    An enhanced version of the Python.