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  • Sacred

    7.5 7.3 Python
    Sacred is a tool to help you configure, organize, log and reproduce experiments developed at IDSIA.
  • python-dotenv

    7.4 6.9 L5 Python
    Get and set values in your .env file in local and production servers like Heroku does. 🎉
  • django-environ

    6.4 4.4 Python
    Django-environ allows you to utilize 12factor inspired environment variables to configure your Django application.
  • python-decouple

    5.5 4.3 L5 Python
    Strict separation of settings from code.
  • dynaconf

    5.1 7.7 L4 Python
    Dynamic settings for every Python project
  • django-split-settings

    3.7 7.9 Python
    Organize Django settings into multiple files and directories. Easily override and modify settings. Use wildcards and optional settings files.
  • django-dotenv

    3.1 1.7 L4 Python
    Loads environment variables from .env
  • ConfigObj

    2.9 1.0 L1 Python
    INI file parser with validation.
  • Python Packages Project Generator

    2.3 8.6 Makefile
    Your next Python package needs a bleeding-edge project structure.
  • parse_it

    1.2 9.1 Python
    A python library for parsing multiple types of config files, envvars & command line arguments that takes the headache out of setting app configurations.
  • profig

    0.7 -
    Config from multiple formats with value conversion.
  • ConfigParser

    0.7 -
    (Python standard library) INI file parser.
  • config

    - -
    Hierarchical config from the author of logging.