GINO - GINO Is Not ORM - is an extremely simple Python ORM, using SQLAlchemy core to define table models, and asyncpg to interact with database. GINO tries to stay in the middle between ORM and non-ORM: GINO operates database rows with "plain old Python objects" - a rollback doesn't magically change their values. Any database operations are explicit. There are no dirty models, no sessions, no magic. You have concrete control to the database, through a convenient object interface. GINO depends on asyncpg, which means it works only for PostgreSQL and asyncio, so Python 3.6 is required. Based on SQLAlchemy, gate to its ecosystem is open - feel free to use e.g. Alembic to manage your schema changes. And we specially designed a few candies for the Sanic server.

Programming language: Python
License: BSD 3-clause "New" or "Revised" License

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It seems for now (2017-10-19) this is the only integrated solution for Postgres + ORM + Asyncio (for all 3 components at once).

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