django-admin-interface is a modern responsive flat admin interface customizable by the admin itself.

Programming language: CSS
License: MIT License
Tags: Build Tools     RESTful API     Django     Admin Panels     1.7     1.8     1.9     1.10     Interface Engine     1.11     2.0     2.1     2.2     3.0     Custom     3.1     3.2    
Latest version: v0.17.3

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django-admin-interface is a modern responsive flat admin interface customizable by the admin itself.



  • Beautiful default django-theme
  • Themes management and customization (you can **customize admin title, logo and colors)
  • Responsive
  • Related modal (instead of the old popup window)
  • Environment name/marker
  • Language chooser
  • List filter dropdown
  • NEW List filter sticky
  • NEW Form controls sticky (pagination and save/delete buttons)
  • Compatibility / Style optimizations for:
    • django-ckeditor
    • django-dynamic-raw-id
    • django-json-widget
    • django-modeltranslation
    • django-tabbed-admin
    • sorl-thumbnail


  • Run pip install django-admin-interface
  • Add admin_interface, flat_responsive, flat and colorfield to settings.INSTALLED_APPS before django.contrib.admin ```python INSTALLED_APPS = ( #... 'admin_interface', 'flat_responsive', # only if django version < 2.0 'flat', # only if django version < 1.9 'colorfield', #... 'django.contrib.admin', #... )

only if django version >= 3.0


- Run ``python manage.py migrate``
- Run ``python manage.py collectstatic``
- Restart your application server

#### Upgrade
- Run `pip install django-admin-interface --upgrade`
- Run ``python manage.py migrate`` *(add* ``--fake-initial`` *if you are upgrading from 0.1.0 version)*
- Run ``python manage.py collectstatic --clear``
- Restart your application server

## Optional themes
This package ships with optional themes as fixtures, they can be installed using the [loaddata admin command](https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.11/ref/django-admin/#django-admin-loaddata). Optional themes are activated on installation.

##### [Django](https://www.djangoproject.com/) theme (default):
Run ``python manage.py loaddata admin_interface_theme_django.json``

##### [Bootstrap](http://getbootstrap.com/) theme:
Run ``python manage.py loaddata admin_interface_theme_bootstrap.json``

##### [Foundation](http://foundation.zurb.com/) theme:
Run ``python manage.py loaddata admin_interface_theme_foundation.json``

##### [U.S. Web Design Standards](https://standards.usa.gov/) theme:
Run ``python manage.py loaddata admin_interface_theme_uswds.json``

### Add more themes
You can add a theme you've created through the admin to this repository by [sending us a PR](http://makeapullrequest.com/). Here are the steps to follow to add:

1. Export your exact theme as fixture using the `dumpdata` admin command:
``python manage.py dumpdata admin_interface.Theme --indent 4 -o admin_interface_theme_{{name}}.json --pks=N``

2. Copy the generated json file into the fixtures folder *(making sure its name starts with* `admin_interface_theme_` *to avoid clashes with fixtures that might be provided by other third party apps)*.

3. Remove the `"pk"` from the fixture and make sure the `active` field is set to `true` *(in this way a theme is automatically activated when installed)*.

4. Edit the section above to document your theme.

### Add theme support to third-party libraries
You can add **theme support to existing third-party libraries** using the following **css variables**:

- `--admin-interface-title-color`
- `--admin-interface-logo-color`
- `--admin-interface-env-color`
- `--admin-interface-header-background-color:`
- `--admin-interface-header-text-color`
- `--admin-interface-header-link-color`
- `--admin-interface-header-link_hover-color`
- `--admin-interface-module-background-color`
- `--admin-interface-module-background-selected-color`
- `--admin-interface-module-text-color`
- `--admin-interface-module-link-color`
- `--admin-interface-module-link-selected-color`
- `--admin-interface-module-link-hover-color`
- `--admin-interface-generic-link-color`
- `--admin-interface-generic-link-hover-color`
- `--admin-interface-save-button-background-color`
- `--admin-interface-save-button-background-hover-color`
- `--admin-interface-save-button-text-color`
- `--admin-interface-delete-button-background-color`
- `--admin-interface-delete-button-background-hover-color`
- `--admin-interface-delete-button-text-color`
- `--admin-interface-related-modal-background-color`
- `--admin-interface-related-modal-background-opacity`

## Screenshots
###### Admin login
###### Admin dashboard
###### Admin themes management
###### Admin theme customization

## FAQ
- #### I already have a custom `base_site.html`, how can I make it work?

You can use [django-apptemplates](https://github.com/bittner/django-apptemplates), then add `{% extends "admin_interface:admin/base_site.html" %}` to your `base_site.html`

## Testing
# create python virtual environment
virtualenv testing_django_admin_interface

# activate virtualenv
cd testing_django_admin_interface && . bin/activate

# clone repo
git clone https://github.com/fabiocaccamo/django-admin-interface.git src && cd src

# install dependencies
pip install -r requirements.txt

# run tests
# or
python setup.py test
# or
python -m django test --settings "tests.settings"


Released under [MIT License](LICENSE.txt).


I would like to spend more time on this project, especially to improve it and adding new features.

As everyone knows open-source projects takes up a lot of time that is unpaid. :money_with_wings:

If you are using this package in commercial project(s), please consider the idea to become a sponsor or donating once:

  • GitHub Sponsor
  • PayPal
  • BTC: bc1q2t0pv8z3udpyuvfnx5kskhqdad4dcvtfuzmvjw
  • ETH: 0x8B55Fb7798b5A9F797A4455C00821B6e53daca74

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*Note that all licence references and agreements mentioned in the django-admin-interface README section above are relevant to that project's source code only.