Vibora was designed from scratch to be efficient. Vibora is a fast, asynchronous and elegant Python 3.6+ http client/server framework. (Alpha stage) Disclaimer: Still at an early stage of development. Rapidly evolving APIs. Server Features Performance (https://github.com/vibora-io/benchmarks). Schemas Engine. Nested Blueprints / Domain Based Routes / Components Connection Reaper / Self-Healing Workers Sessions Engine Streaming Websockets Caching tools Async Template Engine (hot-reloading, deep inheritance) Complete flow customization Static Files (Smart Cache, Range, LastModified, ETags) Testing Framework Type hints, type hints, type hints everywhere. Client Features Streaming MultipartForms (Inspired by: https://github.com/requests/requests/issues/1584) Rate Limiting / Retries mechanisms Websockets Keep-Alive & Connection Pooling Sessions with cookies persistence Basic/digest Authentication Transparent Content Decoding

Programming language: Python
License: MIT License
Tags: HTTP     Web Frameworks     RESTful API     Flask     Caching     WebSocket     Asyncio     Application Frameworks     Internet     WWW     WSGI     Asynchronous     Speed     Performance    

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