This is txpostgres is a library for accessing a PostgreSQL database from the Twisted framework. It builds upon asynchronous features of the Psycopg database library, which in turn exposes the asynchronous features of libpq, the PostgreSQL C library.

It requires a version of Psycopg that includes support for asynchronous connections (versions 2.2.0 and later) and a reasonably recent Twisted (it has been tested with Twisted 10.2 onward). Alternatively, psycopg2cffi or psycopg2-ctypes can be used in lieu of Psycopg.

txpostgres tries to present an interface that will be familiar to users of both Twisted and Psycopg. It features a Cursor wrapper class that mimics the interface of a Psycopg cursor but returns Deferred objects. It also provides a Connection class that is meant to be a drop-in replacement for Twisted's adbapi.Connection with some small differences regarding connection establishing.

The main advantage of txpostgres over Twisted's built-in database support is non-blocking connection building and complete lack of thread usage.

It runs on Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.4, 3.5 and PyPy.

If you got txpostgres as a source tarball, you can run the automated test suite and install the library with:

Code Quality Rank: L4
Programming language: Python
License: MIT License
Tags: Database     Database Drivers     PostgreSQL     Twisted    

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