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  • v2.3.0

    April 27, 2014
  • v2.2 Changes

    • Added update_profile_banner endpoint.
    • Don't treat HTTP status codes in 200 range as errors.
    • Tests no longer packaged into egg releases.
    • Improve test stability and enable CI testing on pull requests.
    • Removed Basic Auth.
    • Use built-in timeout feature of httplib to fix appengine.
    • Added retweeters() endpoint.
    • Removed deprecated retweeted_by and retweeted_by_ids.
    • Improved datetime parsing. Should be more thread safe.
    • Enable coverage reporting. Upload reports to Coveralls.
    • Removed deprecated test() endpoint.
    • New stream listeners callback on_disconnect(). Called whenever "disconnect" messages arrive from Twitter before connection is killed.
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    • Use HTTPS by default.
    • Support setting the starting cursor postion (ex: Ex: Cursor(api.friends_ids, cursor=123456))
    • Added API.cached_result instance flag that is "True" when cached result is returned.
    • New Streaming client callbacks
      • on_event(status): called when new events arrive
      • on_direct_message(status): called when a new direct message arrives.
    • Improvements to streaming client re-connection behavior / configuration. (
  • v2.1 Changes

    • Added get_oembed().
    • friends() and followers() are back and updated to v1.1.
    • Fixed report_spam() endpoint.
    • Added "languages" parameter to streaming filter() method.
    • Added "timeout" support for API object. Ex: API(timeout=1000).
    • Python 2.5 no longer supported.
    • Added compression support. Ex: API(compression=True).
    • Added on_connect() callback to StreamListener.
    • Switched API search() to v1.1 endpoint. Some breaking changes.
    • Drop "page" based cursors and use "ID" based ones instead.
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  • v2.0 Changes

    Dedicated in memory of Aaron Swartz

    • Twitter API 1.1 support.
    • Basic Authentication deprecated.
    • friends_timeline() removed.
    • mentions() removed and replaced by mentions_timeline().
    • retweeted_by_user() removed.
    • retweeted_by_me() removed.
    • retweeted_to_me() removed.
    • retweeted_by_user() removed.
    • friends() removed.
    • followers() removed.
    • enable_notifications() removed.
    • disable_notifications() removed.
    • exists_block() removed.
    • lists() removed and replaced by lists_all().
    • is_list_member() removed.
    • show_list_member added.
    • is_subscribed_list() removed.
    • show_list_subscriber() added.
    • trends_location() removed.
    • nearby_places() removed.