Shuup v1.10.13 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-05-20 // 13 days ago
    • Admin: fix width issue with picotable images
    • Admin: fix bugs in order edit and improve it one step closer to multivendor world. Now supports situation when vendors does not share products.
      • Add option to make shipping and payment method optional
      • Add supplier to pricing context
      • Show supplier name on product column
      • Make auto add for product select false by default
      • Fix product select2 missing URL and data handler since the whole ajax method was passed as attrs.
      • Add option to open/close collapsed content sections in mobile
    • Core: add option to enable order edit for multiple vendors
    • Front: do not stack history on product list when filters are changed. Instead replace state so back-buttons works nicely.
    • Front: prevent image Lightbox touching history so you do not need to click back 6 times after you have viewed all images.