HS-Sanic v19.12.2 Release Notes

Release Date: 2020-01-02 // 25 days ago
  • 👀 Resolve forgotten slot, see #1743

Previous changes from v19.12.0

  • 🛠 Bugfixes

    • 🛠 Fix blueprint middleware application

    Currently, any blueprint middleware registered, irrespective of which blueprint was used to do so, was being applied to all of the routes created by the :code:@app and :code:@blueprint alike.

    As part of this change, the blueprint based middleware application is enforced based on where they are registered.

    • If you register a middleware via :code:@blueprint.middleware then it will apply only to the routes defined by the blueprint.
    • If you register a middleware via :code:@blueprint_group.middleware then it will apply to all blueprint based routes that are part of the group.
    • If you define a middleware via :code:@app.middleware then it will be applied on all available routes (#37 <https://github.com/huge-success/sanic/issues/37>__)
      • Fix url_for behavior with missing SERVER_NAME

    If the SERVER_NAME was missing in the app.config entity, the url_for on the request and app were failing due to an AttributeError. This fix makes the availability of SERVER_NAME on our app.config an optional behavior. (#1707 <https://github.com/huge-success/sanic/issues/1707>__)

    👌 Improved Documentation

    • 🚚 Move docs from RST to MD

    Moved all docs from markdown to restructured text like the rest of the docs to unify the scheme and make it easier in the future to update documentation. (#1691 <https://github.com/huge-success/sanic/issues/1691>__)

    • 🛠 Fix documentation for get and getlist of the request.args

    Add additional example for showing the usage of getlist and fix the documentation string for request.args behavior (#1704 <https://github.com/huge-success/sanic/issues/1704>__)