rq v1.1.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2019-07-20 // 5 months ago

Previous changes from v1.0

  • Backward incompatible changes:

    👷 job.status has been removed. Use job.get_status() and job.set_status() instead. Thanks @selwin!

    👷 FailedQueue has been replaced with FailedJobRegistry:

    • get_failed_queue() function has been removed. Please use FailedJobRegistry(queue=queue) instead.
    • move_to_failed_queue() has been removed.
    • RQ now provides a mechanism to automatically cleanup failed jobs. By default, failed jobs are kept for 1 year.

    - Thanks @selwin!

    👷 RQ's custom job exception handling mechanism has also changed slightly:

    • RQ's default exception handling mechanism (moving jobs to FailedJobRegistry) can be disabled by doing Worker(disable_default_exception_handler=True).
    • Custom exception handlers are no longer executed in reverse order.

    - Thanks @selwin!

    👷 Worker names are now randomized. Thanks @selwin!

    🗄 timeout argument on queue.enqueue() has been deprecated in favor of job_timeout. Thanks @selwin!

    Sentry integration has been reworked:

    • RQ now uses the new sentry-sdk in place of the deprecated Raven library
    • RQ will look for the more explicit RQ_SENTRY_DSN environment variable instead of SENTRY_DSN before instantiating Sentry integration

    - Thanks @selwin!

    Fixed Worker.total_working_time accounting bug. Thanks @selwin!