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  • Python is a high-level, interpreted and general-purpose dynamic programming language. Let's explore the advantages of Python in enterprise web development.
    Article  Added by matellio // // about 12 hours ago
  • In this video, you'll learn 25 tricks that will help you to work faster, write better code, and impress your friends. These are the most useful tricks I've learned from 5 years of teaching Python's pandas library. Each trick is about a minute long, so you're going to learn a ton of new pandas skills in less than 30 minutes!
    Tutorial  Added by justmarkham // // 3 days ago
  • Python always important in web and app development services. That is why eGrove always importance for the python web development services. To provide the latest technologies we always looks for the best python developers in market.
    Article  Added by jijitia // // 3 days ago
  • Truck is a dynamic toy programming language implemented in Python. Truck interpreter is implemented as a tree walking interpreter with hand written recursive descent parser in Python without any external library or framework.

    The code can be found at

    I have also created vim syntax highlighting plugin for the same which can be installed by following the instructions in the file of the repository.
    Tool  Added by Tarptaeya // // 5 days ago
  • Two programming languages probably couldn’t be more different from each other than Python and PHP. Is PHP the theocratic ancestor of Python? Alternatively is Python the adjective of the Web World in 2018? The verdict needs to be examined!
    Article  Added by konstant // // 7 days ago
  • To accelerate tasks in Python development, developers heavily rely on web frameworks. Let’s find out which are the best Python web frameworks in 2019.
    Article  Added by ConnectSteven // // 7 days ago
  • The front-end representation of Node.js is multiple times better than Python. You can scale your application to the multi-core system using Node.js but for most processor intensive applications, Python is the best choice. Node.js has the ability to handle concurrent requests without putting too much overhead load.
    Article  Added by konstant // // 11 days ago
  • Open-source tool to automatically capture & help you debug all HTTP & HTTPS traffic from your Python app, with no code changes required.
    Tool  Added by pimterry // // 12 days ago
  • This learn-by-coding tutorial will describe step by step how to build a Flask Boilerplate, on top of Argon Dashboard design.
    Article  Added by app-generator // // 12 days ago
  • This article is intended for engineers who use the Django framework. It gives a deep insight into configuring Django project settings, and the pros and cons of different approaches. In the article you will also find recommendations concerning tools, best practices and architectural solutions, all time-tested and proven by successful projects.
    Article  Added by yarosalv_le // // 13 days ago
  • Python can be used for a lot of functions like developing game frameworks, websites, web servers, CLI applications, scientific and numeric, desktop applications, IDE’s, etc. It is popular for giving life to breathtaking projects like Wikipedia, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PayPay and Mozilla etc., Python is high level programming language that is used for building scalable and robust web applications. Read to know more!
    Article  Added by konstant // // 13 days ago
  • A programming language is primarily used for Data Analysis, Web Development, DevOps, System Administration, Writing Automation Scripts, programming of Web Parsers, Scrapers, Crawlers, Machine Learning, Programming of Web Parsers, Software Testing, Software Prototyping and Network Programming. Python can be preferred for front-end development to write great apps with reduced development time and cost and are focused on logic instead of routine elements. Read ahead!
    Article  Added by konstant // // 13 days ago
  • Installing dependencies separately from your code allows you to take advantage of Docker's layer caching to speed up your build. Here's how to do it with pipenv, poetry, or pip-tools.
    Tutorial  Added by itamarst // // 20 days ago
  • Flask Dashboard Argon is built on top of a fully responsive, pixel-perfect design, crafted by Creative-Tim. This admin panel, released as an open-source project includes an SQLite database, SQLAlchemy ORM, and is fully integrated into Jinja2 templating system.
    Article  Added by app-generator // // 21 days ago
  • Flask, the famous web framework written in Python is the perfect backend for a dashboard application. All apps are released under the MIT License and include usable UI, authentication and database.
    Article  Added by app-generator // // 21 days ago
  • The article explains how to add basic authentication features (login, register) to Argon Dashboard, the open-source app coded in Flask.
    Article  Added by app-generator // // 23 days ago
  • A book that teaches probabilistic approach to deep learning, using Python-based Tensorflow Probability Framework.
    Book  Added by vonlatinski // // 24 days ago
  • My tutorial explains, step by step, how to run automated tests on a Django app using Semaphore-a Continuous Integration and Delivery platform. It also features automated deployments to the PythonAnywhere hosting. At the end of the tutorial, the reader will have a live sample Django application with a database and all.

    The post doesn't require previous experience with CI/CD and only a beginner-level knowledge of python.

    Thank you and best regards.
    Tutorial  Added by TomFern // // 26 days ago
  • Learn how to add an SQLite database to existing Flask application. The project is published on Github.
    Article  Added by app-generator // // 26 days ago
  • This 'learn-by-coding' tutorial will describe step by step how to build an Admin Dashboard in Flask, a well-known framework written in Python.
    Tutorial  Added by app-generator // // 26 days ago
  • Web scraping Toolkits and Essentials using Python
    1. Beautiful Soup
    2. Requests
    3. Parcel
    4. JSON
    Article  Added by techvinn // // 29 days ago
  • In this blog post, I talk about the various advantages of Python logging, step-by-step guide to using logging with best practices and why print is not sufficient.
    Article  Added by pylenin // // about 1 month ago
  • A book that introduces QC fundamentals by teaching you to create your own quantum simulator in Python.
    Book  Added by vonlatinski // // about 1 month ago
  • A book that teaches you to apply state-of-the-art deep learning approaches to natural language processing tasks.
    Book  Added by vonlatinski // // about 1 month ago
  • A book that introduces the most valuable ML techniques, with practical examples in Python.
    Book  Added by vonlatinski // // about 1 month ago
  • A book that teaches you to build deep learning neural networks using only Python and its math-supporting library.
    Book  Added by vonlatinski // // about 1 month ago
  • In this article, you'll learn How to convert a character to ASCII code as well as convert an ASCII code to character in Python. Python provides two functions called ord() and chr() for converting character to ASCII code and vice versa respectively.
    Tutorial  Added by callicoder // // about 1 month ago
  • When it’s time to package up your Python application into a Docker image, the natural thing to do is search the web for some examples. And a quick search will provide you with plenty of simple, easy examples.

    Unfortunately, these simple, easy examples are often broken in a variety of ways, some obvious, some less so.
    Article  Added by itamarst // // about 1 month ago
  • Everyone in the Python community has heard about Celery at least once, and maybe even already worked with it. Basically, it’s a handy tool that helps run postponed or dedicated code in a separate process or even on a separate computer or server. This saves time and effort on many levels.
    Tutorial  Added by yarosalv_le // // about 2 months ago
  • What to know before implementing TFLite model in mobile app
    Article  Added by frogermcs // // about 2 months ago