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  • Learn a useful technique for gaining insight into uncertain or unmeasured metrics.
    Article  Added by libhuntuser1 // // 9 days ago
  • List of Python Podcasts
    Article  Added by a1Gupta // // 16 days ago
  • A detailed tutorial to create charts in Django
    Tutorial  Added by charl // // 17 days ago
  • Nobody likes waiting around for their web scraper to finish. Learn how to make your scraping faster to avoid wasting time.
    Article  Added by libhuntuser1 // // 29 days ago
  • This repository aims to provide simple and ready-to-use tutorials for TensorFlow.
    Tutorial  Added by astorfi // // about 1 month ago
  • Learn more about __call__ and the Python data model while implementing a custom caching utility.
    Article  Added by libhuntuser1 // // about 1 month ago
  • Official documentation for Python Fire.
    Article  Added by dbieber // // about 2 months ago
  • A guide to using Python Fire. Python Fire is a Python library that will turn any Python component into a command line interface with just a single call to Fire.
    Tutorial  Added by dbieber // // about 2 months ago
  • A Free Flask tutorial explaining how to get started with Flask, HTTP and Python. Includes practical exercises to practice. All the code used is open source and available on Github.
    Tutorial  Added by santiagobasulto // // 3 months ago
  • A quick post to introduce Magic Methods and the differences between __getattr__ and __getattribute__.
    Article  Added by santiagobasulto // // 3 months ago
  • This post takes an under the covers look at python generators. The post analyzes python stack frames and code objects to shed light on the core features of the Python runtime which make it possible to pause and then resume generator functions at a later point in time.
    Article  Added by skabbass1 // // 4 months ago
  • This post takes a closer look at how python3 f-strings work and why they perform much better than some of the other python string formatting mechanisms available.
    Article  Added by skabbass1 // // 4 months ago
  • This class aims at making students comfortable with using Python to perform simple IT Security tasks. Going beyond using other peoples’ tools in this field is the hardest step on the ladder to proficiency. This class will take you over that difficult step, enabling you to modify popular security tools or write your own. Most importantly, it is all taught in a simple manner that won’t put you to sleep like most programming courses.
    Article  Added by burhanudinn123 // // 4 months ago
  • Springboard offers online courses in Data Science & UX Design. Advance your career with 1-on-1 mentorship from industry experts. Build a portfolio of projects. Earn a certificate.
    Service  Added by StanBright // // 5 months ago
  • Python Refresher: Review of Data Structures, Conditionals, File Handling
    How Websites are Hosted on Servers; Basic Calls to Server (GET, POST Methods)
    Web Scraping with Python BeautifulSoup and Requests
    Using Selenium to handle JavaScript and AJAX
    Diverse Web Scraping Exercises
    Tutorial  Added by GoTrained // // 5 months ago
  • Creating a web crawler in Scrapy and scrape data
    Deploying Spider to ScrapingHub
    Logging into Websites with Scrapy
    Running Scrapy as a Standalone Script
    Using Scrapy with Selenium in Special Cases, e.g. to Scrape JavaScript Driven Web Pages
    Tutorial  Added by GoTrained // // 5 months ago
  • Scrapy Tutorial Getting Started
    Craigslist Scrapy Spider #1 – Titles
    Craigslist Scrapy Spider #2 – One Page
    Craigslist Scrapy Spider #3 – Multiple Pages
    Craigslist Scrapy Spider #4 – Job Descriptions
    Tutorial  Added by GoTrained // // 5 months ago
  • Python CMS Framework Review: wagtail vs django-cms
    Wagtail Tutorials: Building Blog Part 1 Show you how to create a wagtail project and help you understand its main components
    Wagtail Tutorials: Building Blog Part 2 Teach you how to create the data model, clarify the workflow, and create template to render content.
    Wagtail Tutorials: Building Blog Part 3 Help you add category and tag support to post page as standard CMS does.
    Tutorial  Added by MichaelYin // // 6 months ago
  • Installation
    Using Pony
    Tutorial  Added by gamesbrainiac // // 6 months ago
  • Getting Started
    Writing Content
    Tutorial  Added by gamesbrainiac // // 6 months ago
  • Completeness and redundancy
    Event-driven invalidation
    Coding dependencies by hand
    Bringing things together
    Automatic invalidation
    Tutorial  Added by Suor // // 6 months ago
  • Current state
    Removing a boilerplate
    Advanced usage
    Why use that?
    Tutorial  Added by Suor // // 6 months ago
  • Abstractions
    Back to real-life
    How is this better?
    Tutorial  Added by Suor // // 6 months ago
  • Everyday data manipulation
    About imports and practicality
    A bit more functional things
    Back to data manipulation
    Tutorial  Added by Suor // // 6 months ago
  • The problem
    Extracting abstractions
    Hiding low level
    Enriching our language
    Tutorial  Added by Suor // // 6 months ago
  • Clone with HTTPS
    Broken link?
    Other screenshots
    For the installer/binary packages
    For repo clone
    Tutorial  Added by giantas // // 7 months ago
  • Installation
    Create an entry point
    Write and register your methods
    Declare your RPC methods modules
    Tutorial  Added by alorence // // 7 months ago
  • Object Recognition Introduction
    Step By Step Code Tutorial
    Complete Object Recognition Code
    Complete Video Guide
    Tutorial  Added by eternalFlame21 // // 8 months ago
  • But first, what is Python?
    And what about Django?
    Finding the right fit for our e-commerce project: Wagtail CMS
    1. Putting together the scaffolding for your e-commerce site
    2. Creating the product models in Wagtail
    Tutorial  Added by jdkellow // // 9 months ago
  • Data Visualization with Matplotlib
    What Does A Matplotlib Plot Look Like?
    Matplotlib, pyplot and pylab: how are they related?
    Data For Matplotlib Plots
    Create Your Plot
    Tutorial  Added by StanBright // // 9 months ago