python-prompt-toolkit v2.0.7 Release Notes

Release Date: 2018-10-30 // almost 2 years ago
  • 🐛 Bug fixes:

    • 🛠 Fixed assertion in PromptSession: the style_transformation check was wrong.
    • ✂ Removed 'default' attribute in PromptSession. Only ask for it in the prompt() method. This fixes the issue that passing default once, will store it for all consequent calls in the PromptSession.
    • Ensure that __pt_formatted_text__ always returns a FormattedText instance. This fixes an issue with print_formatted_text.

    🆕 New features:

    • 👌 Improved handling of situations where stdin or stdout are not a terminal. (Print warning instead of failing with an assertion.)
    • ➕ Added print_container utility.
    • Sound bell when attempting to edit read-only buffer.
    • 🖐 Handle page-down and page-up keys in RadioList.
    • Accept any for HSplit/VSplit children (instead of lists only).
    • 👌 Improved Vi key bindings: return to navigation mode when Insert is pressed.