ftfy v4.4.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-02-17 // over 7 years ago
  • Heuristic changes:

    • 🏁 ftfy can now fix mojibake involving the Windows-1250 or ISO-8859-2 encodings.

    • The fix_entities fixer is now applied after fix_encoding. This makes more situations resolvable when both fixes are needed.

    • With a few exceptions for commonly-used characters such as ^, it is now considered "weird" whenever a diacritic appears in non-combining form, such as the diaeresis character ¨.

    • It is also now weird when IPA phonetic letters, besides ə, appear next to capital letters.

    • These changes to the heuristics, and others we've made in recent versions, let us lower the "cost" for fixing mojibake in some encodings, causing them to be fixed in more cases.