PyPDF2 v1.21 Release Notes

Release Date: 2014-04-21 // over 8 years ago
    • Fix for when /Type isn't present in the Pages dictionary (by Rob1080)

    • More tolerance for extra whitespace in Indirect Objects

    • Improved Exception handling

    • Fixed error in getHeight() method (by Simon Kaempflein)

    • implement use of utils.string_type to resolve Py2-3 compatibility issues

    • Prevent exception for multiple definitions in a dictionary (with carlosfunk) (only when strict = False)

    • Fixed errors when parsing a slice using pdfcat on command line (by Steve Witham)

    • Tolerance for EOF markers within 1024 bytes of the actual end of the file (with David Wolever)

    • Added overwriteWarnings parameter to PdfFileReader constructor, if False PyPDF2 will NOT overwrite methods from Python's module with a custom implementation.

    • Fix NumberObject and NameObject constructors for compatibility with PyPy (Rüdiger Jungbeck, Xavier Dupré, shezadkhan137, Steven Witham)

    • Utilize utils.Str in and to resolve type issues (by egbutter)

    • Improvements in implementing StringIO for Python 2 and BytesIO for Python 3 (by Xavier Dupré)

    • Added /x00 to Whitespaces, defined utils.WHITESPACES to clarify code (by Maxim Kamenkov)

    • Bugfix for merging 3 or more resources with the same name (by lucky-user)

    • Improvements to Xref parsing algorithm (by speedplane)