pyexcel v0.5.0 Release Notes

  • Added

    . and Sheet.top_left() for data browsing

    0️⃣ #. add html as default rich display in Jupyter notebook when pyexcel-text and pyexcel-chart is installed 0️⃣ #. add svg as default rich display in Jupyter notebook when pyexcel-chart and one of its implementation plugin(pyexcel-pygal, etc.) are is installed 👍 #. new dictionary source supported: a dictionary of key value pair could be read into a sheet. 🔌 #. added dynamic external plugin loading. meaning if a pyexcel plugin is installed, it will be loaded implicitly. And this change would remove unnecessary info log for those who do not use pyexcel-text and pyexcel-gal

    . save_book_as before 0.5.0 becomes isave_book_as and save_book_as in 0.5.0

    convert BookStream to Book before saving.

    . #83 <>_, file closing mechanism

    is enfored. free_resource is added and it should be called when iget_array, iget_records, isave_as and/or isave_book_as are used.

    ⚡️ Updated

    . array is passed to pyexcel.Sheet as reference. it means your array data will

    be modified.


    🚚 #. pyexcel.Writer and pyexcel.BookWriter were removed

    . pyexcel.load_book_from_sql and pyexcel.load_from_sql were removed

    . pyexcel.deprecated.load_from_query_sets,

    pyexcel.deprecated.load_book_from_django_models and pyexcel.deprecated.load_from_django_model were removed 🚚 #. Removed plugin loading code and lml is used instead