PyCrypto v2.7.a1 Release Notes

Release Date: 2013-10-21 // over 9 years ago
  • * Experimental release.  This introduces a new API for AEAD modes, and
      makes a few other minor API changes.  These APIs should be considered
      experimental, and may be changed before the final release.
    * New API for authenticated encryption with associated data (AEAD):
      - New block cipher modes:
        - MODE_CCM
        - MODE_EAX
        - MODE_GCM
        - MODE_SIV
      - New methods:
        - .encrypt_and_digest()
        - .decrypt_and_verify()
        - .digest()
        - .verify()
      - New MAC algorithm:
        - Crypto.Cipher.CMAC
      - New .verify() and .hexverify() methods also added to Hash and
        HMAC/CMAC objects, providing constant-time hash comparison.
      (Thanks: Legrandin, Lucas Garron)
    * LP#1132550: Fix MODE_OPENPGP not accepting uppercase 'IV' kwarg.
    * LP#1119552: Fix PKCS#1v1.5 not accepting signatures without the
      optional NULL parameter
    * Add support for import/export of DSA keys.  (Thanks: Legrandin)
    * Add support for PKCS#8-encrypted private keys.  (Thanks: Legrandin)
    * LP#996193: Fix MODE_OFB requiring padding (it now behaves as a stream
    * Improve C extension autodocs
    * Remove pointless 'error' attribute from stream ciphers.
    * Deprecate the disable_shortcut option to Crypto.Util.Counter;
      Remove __PCT_CTR_SHORTCUT__ entirely.
    * Fix small MODE_CTR memory leak under Python 3.
    * Fix error importing winrandom on Python 3.  (Thanks: Jason R. Coombs)
    * FortunaAccumulator: Use time.monotonic for rate-limiting if available
      (i.e. Python 3.3 and later)
    * AES-NI support (Thanks: Sebastian Ramacher)
    * Fix compilation on HP-UX 11.31.  (Thanks: Adam Woodbeck)
    * ElGamal: Add blinding to ElGamal decryption. (Thanks: Legrandin)
    * Hash: Remove pure-Python wrappers (speeds up hash init 4x-7x)
    * Hash: Add generic, [data]) function
    * Hash: Remove 'oid' attributes; Add 'name' attributes for compatibility
      with hashlib.
    * Hash: Rename SHA -> SHA1 and RIPEMD -> RIPEMD160, since the original
      names are frequently used as the names of other algorithms.
    * Use autoconf to generate compiler options;
      Fix OpenBSD build issues.
    * Fix RSA object serialization (i.e. pickle)
    * LP#1061217: random.shuffle takes O(n^2) time.
      (Thanks: Sujay Jayakar, Andrew Cooke)
    * _fastmath: Fix leaks when errors occur.
      (Thanks: Sebastian Ramacher, Andreas Stührk)
    * SHA256/224/384/512: Don't export symbol 'add_length'
    * Use os.chmod instead of os.system("chmod ...").
      (Thanks: Sebastian Ramacher)
    * The 'test' command now runs the 'build' command first.
      (Thanks: Sebastian Ramacher)
    * New tools/ and tools/ scripts for testing
      against multiple versions of Python.
    * getStrongProne: Fix error handling (Thanks: Sebastian Ramacher)
    * ARC4: Add ARC4-drop[n] cipher support. (Thanks: Legrandin)
    * RSA.importKey: Properly catch IndexError. (Thanks: Sebastian Ramacher)
    * RSA.exportKey: Raise ValueError as documented when key format is
      unknown. (Thanks: Sebastian Ramacher)
    * RSA.exportKey: Always return bytes (Thanks: Sebastian Ramacher)
    * Fix & re-enable some broken tests (Thanks: Sebastian Ramacher)
    * Improve Python 3 compatibility
    * Various documentation fixes and improvements
      (Thanks: Anton Rieder, Legrandin, Sebastian Ramacher, Stefano Rivera)
    * Various cleanups, especially for Python 3.