psutil v5.7.1 Release Notes

  • 2020-07-15

    ✨ Enhancements

    • βœ… 1729_: parallel tests on UNIX (make test-parallel). They're twice as fast!
    • πŸ— 1741_: "make build/install" is now run in parallel and it's about 15% faster on UNIX.
    • 🚦 1747_: Process.wait() on POSIX returns an enum, showing the negative signal which was used to terminate the process:: >>> import psutil >>> p = psutil.Process(9891) >>> p.terminate() >>> p.wait()
    • 1747_: Process.wait() return value is cached so that the exit code can be retrieved on then next call.
    • 1747_: Process provides more info about the process on str() and repr() (status and exit code):: >>> proc psutil.Process(pid=12739, name='python3', status='terminated', exitcode=, started='15:08:20')
    • βœ… 1757_: memory leak tests are now stable.
    • 🏁 1768_: [Windows] added support for Windows Nano Server. (contributed by Julien Lebot)

    πŸ› Bug fixes

    • 🐧 1726_: [Linux] cpu_freq() parsing should use spaces instead of tabs on ia64. (patch by MichaΕ‚ GΓ³rny)
    • 🐧 1760_: [Linux] Process.rlimit() does not handle long long type properly.
    • 🍎 1766_: [macOS] NoSuchProcess may be raised instead of ZombieProcess.
    • 1781_: fix signature of callback function for getloadavg(). (patch by Ammar Askar)