PRAW v4.3.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2017-01-19 // almost 5 years ago
  • Added

    • :meth:.LiveContributorRelationship.leave to abdicate the live thread contributor position.
    • 🚚 :meth:.LiveContributorRelationship.remove to remove the redditor from the live thread contributors.
    • :meth:.limits to provide insight into number of requests made and remaining in the current rate limit window.
    • :attr:.LiveThread.contrib to obtain an instance of :class:.LiveThreadContribution.
    • ⚡️ :meth:.LiveThreadContribution.add to add an update to the live thread.
    • :meth:.LiveThreadContribution.close to close the live thread permanently.
    • ⚡️ :attr:.LiveUpdate.contrib to obtain an instance of :class:.LiveUpdateContribution.
    • ⚡️ :meth:.LiveUpdateContribution.remove to remove a live update.
    • :meth:.LiveContributorRelationship.accept_invite to accept an invite to contribute the live thread.
    • ⚡️ :meth:.SubredditHelper.create and :meth:.SubredditModeration.update have documented support for spoilers_enabled. Note, however, that :meth:.SubredditModeration.update will currently unset the spoilers_enabled value until such a time that Reddit returns the value along with the other settings.
    • :meth:.spoiler and :meth:.unspoiler to change a submission's spoiler status.

    🛠 Fixed

    • :meth:.LiveContributorRelationship.invite and :meth:.LiveContributorRelationship.remove_invite now hit endpoints, which starts with 'api/', for consistency.
    • ⚡️ :meth:.ModeratorRelationship.update, and :meth:.ModeratorRelationship.update_invite now always remove known unlisted permissions.