PRAW v4.1.0 Release Notes

Release Date: 2016-12-24 // about 5 years ago
  • Added

    • :meth:praw.models.Subreddits.search_by_topic to search subreddits by topic. (see:
    • :meth:praw.models.LiveHelper.__call__ to provide interface to praw.models.LiveThread.__init__.
    • :class:.SubredditFilters to work with filters for special subreddits, like /r/all.
    • ➕ Added callables for :class:.SubredditRelationship and :class:.SubredditFlair so that limit and other parameters can be passed.
    • ➕ Add :meth:~praw.models.Message.reply to :class:.Message which was accidentally missed previously.
    • ➕ Add sticky parameter to :meth:.CommentModeration.distinguish to sticky comments.
    • :meth:.flair to add a submission's flair from an instance of :class:.Submission.
    • :meth:.Comment.parent to obtain the parent of a :class:.Comment.
    • :meth:.opt_in and :meth:.opt_out to :class:.Subreddit to permit working with quarantined subreddits.
    • ⚡️ :class:.LiveUpdate to represent an individual update in a :class:.LiveThread.
    • ⚡️ Ability to access an individual :class:.LiveUpdate via'THREAD_ID')['UPDATE_ID'].
    • ⚡️ :meth:.LiveThread.updates to iterate the updates of the thread.

    🔄 Changed

    • now caches its result in order to reduce redundant requests for methods that depend on it. Set use_cache=False when calling to bypass the cache.
    • :meth:.replace_more can be called on :class:.Comment replies.

    🗄 Deprecated

    • validate_time_filter will be removed from the public interface in PRAW 4.2 as it was never intended to be part of it to begin with.
    • Iterating directly over :class:.SubredditRelationship (e.g., subreddit.banned, subreddit.contributor, subreddit.moderator, etc) and :class:.SubredditFlair will be removed in PRAW 5. Iterate instead over their callables, e.g. subreddit.banned() and subreddit.flair().
    • 🚚 The following methods are deprecated to be removed in PRAW 5 and are replaced with similar Comment.mod... and Submission.mod... alternatives: Subreddit.mod.approve, Subreddit.mod.distinguish, Subreddit.mod.ignore_reports, Subreddit.mod.remove, Subreddit.mod.undistinguish, Subreddit.mod.unignore_reports.
    • 👌 Support for passing a :class:.Submission to :meth:.SubredditFlair.set will be removed in PRAW 5. Use :meth:.flair instead.
    • The thing argument to :meth:.SubredditFlair.set is replaced with redditor and will be removed in PRAW 5.

    🛠 Fixed

    • ⚡️ :meth:.SubredditModeration.update accurately updates exclude_banned_modqueue, header_hover_text, show_media and show_media_preview values.
    • Instances of :class:.Comment obtained through the inbox (including mentions) are now refreshable.
    • Searching /r/all should now work as intended for all users.
    • Accessing an invalid attribute on an instance of :class:.Message will raise :py:class:.AttributeError instead of :class:.PRAWException.