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  • Django

    10.0 9.8 L2 Python
    The Web framework for perfectionists with deadlines.
  • Flask

    9.9 8.4 L4 Python
    The Python micro framework for building web applications.
  • http client/server for asyncio

    9.3 9.4 L1 Python
    Asynchronous HTTP client/server framework for asyncio and Python
  • gunicorn

    9.0 6.1 L3 Python
    gunicorn 'Green Unicorn' is a WSGI HTTP Server for UNIX, fast clients and sleepy applications.
  • Bottle

    9.0 5.4 L3 Python is a fast and simple micro-framework for python web-applications.
  • falcon

    9.0 8.4 L4 Python
    The no-nonsense, minimalist REST and app backend framework for Python developers, with a focus on reliability, correctness, and performance at scale.
  • Werkzeug

    8.8 9.0 L3 Python
    The comprehensive WSGI web application library.
  • eve

    8.7 7.2 L1 Python
    REST API framework designed for human beings
  • Mezzanine

    8.6 4.7 L3 Python
    CMS framework for Django
  • vibora

    8.5 0.0 Python
    Fast, asynchronous and elegant Python web framework.
  • Pyramid

    8.1 7.9 L3 Python
    Pyramid - A Python web framework
  • connexion

    7.9 1.1 Python
    Swagger/OpenAPI First framework for Python on top of Flask with automatic endpoint validation & OAuth2 support
  • authlib

    6.8 8.4 Python
    The ultimate Python library in building OAuth, OpenID Connect clients and servers. JWS,JWE,JWK,JWA,JWT included.
  • pulsar

    6.3 0.0 L3 Python
    Event-driven concurrent framework for Python.
  • CherryPy

    6.0 6.4 Python
    CherryPy is a pythonic, object-oriented HTTP framework.
  • django-socketio

    5.8 0.0 Python
    WebSockets for Django
  • Masonite

    5.7 9.1 Python
    The Modern And Developer Centric Python Web Framework. Be sure to read the documentation and join the Slack channel questions:
  • WebSocket-for-Python

    5.5 0.0 L3 Python
    [Project on Hiatus] WebSocket client and server library for Python 2 and 3 as well as PyPy (ws4py 0.5.1)
  • meinheld

    5.3 0.7 L2 C
    Meinheld is a high performance asynchronous WSGI Web Server (based on picoev)
  • Cartridge

    4.8 0.0 L4 Python
    Ecommerce for Mezzanine
  • waitress

    4.7 5.8 L3 Python
    Waitress - A WSGI server for Python 2 and 3
  • TurboGears

    4.3 1.5 L4 Python
    Python web framework with full-stack layer implemented on top of a microframework core with support for MongoDB, Pluggable Applications and autogenerated Admin
  • Beaker

    4.0 2.5 L5 Python
    WSGI middleware for sessions and caching
  • cornice

    3.8 6.3 L4 Python
    Build Web Services with Pyramid.
  • Kotti

    3.7 6.5 L4 Python
    Kotti is a high-level, Pythonic web application framework based on Pyramid and SQLAlchemy. It includes an extensible Content Management System called the Kotti CMS.
  • Morepath

    3.3 3.4 L4 Python
    Python web microframework with superpowers
  • Websauna

    3.1 0.1 L3 Python
    Websauna is a full stack Python web framework for building web services and back offices with admin interface and sign up process
  • PYGA

    2.3 5.6 L3 Python
    PYGA: Python Google Analytics (ga.js) - Data Collection API
  • PatZilla

    1.6 0.2 Python
    PatZilla is a modular patent information research platform and data integration toolkit with a modern user interface and access to multiple data sources.
  • Kotori

    1.5 7.0 Python
    A flexible data historian based on InfluxDB, Grafana, MQTT and more. Free, open, simple.